Calgary Board of Education

School Fees

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West Dover School Fee Sheet (PDF)

School fees provide schools with essential learning resources that ensure students are presented with the best possible learning enrichment opportunities. In this section, information is provided on the various fees at our schools as well as information about fee waivers.

Mandatory Fees and deposits are those identified by and permitted by the School Act, and which are payable, unless waived, by all registered students.

Elective Fees are those that result from a choice made by parents, students or staff, in favour of a certain program or service provided by schools or other Calgary Board of Education service locations.

Kindergarten = $15.00
Grades 1- 6 = $ 30.00

Waiver forms are available for the instructional supplies and materials fee only.

Activity Fee - Kindergarten to Grade 6 = $25.00

The Activity Fee is used to pay for field trips, buses, guest speakers, and special programs such as swimming.