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School Showcase

Learning Through the Arts at West Dover School

At West Dover School, we continue to believe that giving attention to the arts builds a better school for instruction and learning.  Classrooms become places where “processes for distilling certain kinds of personal meaning” (Charles Fowler, 1994) evolves.  The arts continue to be the vehicles for imaginative learning where students receive opportunities to explore life around them, past and present, inventing and constructing the future.  Through the arts, our students see the common bond they share with people across different cultures who express themselves and communicate through artistic expressions.  In these ways, the arts enhance the capacities of students to participate significantly in their world.  Learning through the arts at West Dover School has allowed us to examine learning more vividly and deeply, inviting us to contemplate about our instructional practice.  And, at West Dover School, we believe that “learning through the arts” offers the opportunity to let the full genius, of each child, emerge.  Central to this way of thinking is the ability to be mindful around the notion of "What is our image of the child?" and our beliefs which surround that notion.  If we see our children as artists, they will be artists.  If we see our children as readers, they will be readers.  If we see our children as writers, they will be writers.  If we see our children as learners, they will be learners.  Learning through the arts has been about stories that impact and make a difference in each of our childrens’ lives.  More important, learning through the arts has offered a purposeful education for all.