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CBE | Family Literacy Brochure (pdf)

CBE | Digital Citizenship The Calgary Board of Education has developed this website on internet safety. Please review it and help your child to be safe on the internet.

Alberta Health Services | Protection against measles - vaccine reminder for school parents, staff and volunteers (pdf)

Alberta Health Services Calgary

My child's learning: A parent resource, Alberta Government

Parent Link Alberta The Alberta Government has developed this website to provide information and support to parents and caregivers on issues such as learning, bullying, health and safety.

Calgary Learning Village Collaborative

Calgary Public Library Find great reading material and activities for your family.

Fairchild Radio The Calgary Board of Education has a relationship with Fairchild Radio station to broaden communication with families who speak English as a second language. The programming is of particular value to Cantonese-speaking families, as all weekday programming is hosted in that language. Other culturally-specific programs are aired on the evenings and weekends.