Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Woodlands is a caring community school serving the community of Woodlands adjacent to Fish Creek Provincial Park. We have a supportive School Council and School Association. We have two morning Kindergarten classes. We focus on “Learning Through the Arts.”

School Mission

To facilitate individual student development towards interdependence and lifelong learning in a supportive school environment.

School Philosophy

We believe that the education of our students should encompass the intellectual, emotional, social, creative, and physical development of each child. This growth will be guided at school by knowledgeable and qualified personnel who have these beliefs:

  • The development of a positive attitude, towards oneself and schooling, enhances learning.
  • The individual growth and development of the child are facilitated by a positive self-image and a positive attitude towards others.
  • The child's success and involvement in school contributes to achievement potential.
  • The process of learning is continuous throughout the life of the individual.
  • The child's humanity always comes before the content of the curriculum guide.
  • The people in the school deserve individual respect and recognition.
  • We encourage students to set and pursue high but realistic personal goals for learning and to develop a sense of pride in their achievement of their goals.

We establish academic standards of achievement which recognize the child's needs in the continuum of the schooling career and work towards these on the basis of student ability and rate of development.

We establish standards of conduct in behaviour and speech which are followed to protect the safety of the individual and to provide a pleasant environment in which we live and learn at school.

We strive to implement developmentally appropriate practices.

We promote activities that facilitate an understanding of and reflect current Canadian culture and unique needs of our community.

We work with students to nurture and facilitate the development of personal responsibility, independence, global awareness, and citizenship.

We promote the development of healthy, physically active individuals.

We work with parents and support agencies for the benefit of each child.

We actively and deliberately encourage collaboration with parents and cultivate this through effective communication and opportunities for participation.

We design and conduct a staff development program to enhance our effectiveness and to help accomplish the school improvement plan.

School Motto

Together We Grow