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Who was Annie Foote?



We will no longer be providing the second round of patrol service during the lunch hour. Patrols will not be monitoring the crosswalk from 12:05-12:20 due to a low volume of people needing the crosswalk.

Patrols will continue to monitor the crosswalk in front of the school before school, at the start of the lunch hour and after school.

For everyone's safety, especially the children's:

1. Please do not stop or park in the Handicapped zone or the bus zone, which runs along Temple Drive from the south side of the patrolled crosswalk to the lamp post nearest to the next crosswalk.

2. Please remember not to jaywalk, or do U-turns in front of the school.

3. Our neighbours across the street need us not to block their driveways when dropping off children.

4. Our final "please do not" is to not use the staff parking lot for any reason, there is parking on the street if you need to come into the school.

5. There is also parking on Templegreen Rd to the north of the school and on Templeton Circle to the east (you would use the path to cut through to Temple Drive).

Please visit this AMA link for patrol safety information:AMA

SCHOOL COUNCIL NEEDS YOU! Our school council and parent society do many important things to support students of this school.

Welcome to Annie Foote School



Welcome to Annie Foote School's website! We hope that the information you are able to access on this site is helpful and informative.


Our basic school program remains the same with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. Literacy block forms the foundation for our goal to have our students reading at grade level by the end of grade three. The following list highlights some of what we have planned for this year:

  • Math Basic Facts through games, practice, homework and the Khan Academy
  • Intense focus on designing excellent learning tasks for students across all subject areas - students are able to talk about what they have learned, how they learned it and why
  • Our overarching question this year is, “What matters?” We are tying this into our makerspace explorations and the tasks we design for our students
  • ZONES of Regulation, MindUp and Mindfulness practice give students strategies in self-regulation and focus
  • Morning workouts each morning “amp” up their daily physical activity
  • Brain Busters, our homework program, applies to all students and its focus is on skill development and practice
  • Focus on trauma-sensitive practice will benefit students who have or are experiencing any form of trauma – this also benefits all other students in the school

Current updates can be accessed via the Principal's Blog on the left margin of the school's home page.


Dates to remember (click calendar links on right)


Please note that dates below may change, the DETAILED calendars to the right are the most current and accurate information for what is happening each month. The Principal's Blog (link to the left) is a great place to check for weekly updates and other information, straight from Mrs. Z!


Feb 7 Milk & Cookies in the LC 3:15-4:00

Feb 8 Bob Edwards School Open House 6:30 pm

Feb 9 Grade 3 Field Trip to National Music Centre

Feb 10 Afternoon Kindergarten attends

Feb 14 Valentine's cookies, school council selling

Feb 16&17 Teachers' Convention, No School

Feb 20 Family Day, no school

Feb 20 Morning Kindergarten attends

Feb 22 Reading Give It a Shot Midway assembly & prizes

Feb 23 SCHOOL COUNCIL at 6:30

Feb 27 Flouride & Varnish, kindergarten & grade 1

Feb 27 Becoming a Guide Dog presentation to grade 1

Feb 28 Becoming a Guide Dog presentation to grade 1

Mar 2 Grade 1 Vaccinations & Grade 5 catch up vaccinations

Mar 3 Afternoon Kindergarten attends

Mar 7 Minlk & Cookies in the LC

Mar 8 Varnish & Screening Kindergarten & Grade 1

Mar 10 Morning Kindergarten attends

Mar 15 Grade 6 Field Trip, Calgary Airport

Mar 17 Afternoon Kindergarten attends

Mar 21 Evening Kindergarten Interviews from 4:00-8:00

Mar 22 Evening Interviews K-6 from 4:00-8:00

Mar 23 Non-instructional day - no classes

Mar 24 - Apr 2 SPRING BREAK

Apr 3 Return to school




Don't Miss Out on School Messages


Parents/guardians: Due to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), if you want to keep receiving electronic messages from our school on commercial topics such as student fees and field trip costs, you need to subscribe online.

In addition, if you want to receive any text messages from our school, you need to opt-in by texting the word YES to the six-digit number 724665.


Designation Notice


Mar. 15, 2016 | Designation change for Skyview Ranch Kindergarten - Grade 6 (pdf)



Volunteer Opportunities


* Supervising on field trips ( a great way to spend a day)
* Helping out in the classroom or learning commons
* Coming to the kindergarten room to volunteer
* Helping out with swimming (you don't need to swim)
* Participating in School Council (you don't need clearance)


Report Card Indicators


Click here to see the summary sheet that explains the new CBE indicators. The parent letter that was sent home on October 21, 2015 can be found here.


Great Learning Spaces Online

You will find some great learning spaces on the Parents Tab under, "For Parents". There are literacy and geography sites already linked for you. The Students Tab also has some great links for kids to explore literacy, numeracy and other subjects!


School Information



Please check the PARENTS TAB for hints on preparing your child for tests. There are also links to helpful websites and information.


The Alberta Education website has information for parents with ideas for children before they reach school. Click Here








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Alberta Health Services Influenza Prevention Poster

AHS Measles and Travel

Twas the Night Before Christmas Concert

Monthly calendars can be found using the links beside the "Dates to Remember" section. Monthly calendars will continue to be sent home at the start of each month.

To view our basic annual calendar, click here.

To review CBE Visitor Safety Protocols, click here.

To see our dress code, click here.

To see our lunchroom expectations, click here.
To view our annual report to parents regarding fees, click here.
AHS Immunization Information Letter regarding measles, click here.