Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

Olympic Heights School

Olympic Heights School is located in the southwest picturesque community of Strathcona Park and is part of Area IV of the Calgary Board of Education. The school currently has 65 staff to support student learning.  The school has 28 classrooms, a Learning Commons with Learning Plaza, double gymnasium and a music room.  Olympic Heights School serves the communities of Aspen Woods (East of 85th Street), Strathcona Park, Patterson Heights, Coach Hill, and Christie Park Estates.  Olympic Heights School students transition to Vincent Massey or Bishop Pinkham (French Immersion) Junior High School, and then to Ernest Manning High School.

The student population averages 750 students Kindergarten to Grade Six.  Every student has access to a quality music program – Grades K-6, French as a Second Language - Grades 4-6 and a quality Physical Education program.  There are three outdoor naturalization areas, which are used to connect core curriculum, the environment and the Fine Arts. As part of the Olympic Heights environmental focus there are twelve large solar panels and a wind turbine that produce energy for the school.

Students learn and achieve through an inquiry approach which engages students through the formulation of questions which provide a framework for learning.   Student diversity at Olympic Heights School is a strength which is celebrated and embraced. Staff at Olympic Heights School create learning opportunities which engage students to challenge their thinking in multiple ways, in a personalized learning environment. Multiple extracurricular activities are also provided for students to engage them outside the classroom.

Our School Motto

“Together we can reach new heights.”

School History

Olympic Heights School was officially opened in 1991. During the official opening of the school, the school logo was approved. The bell symbolizes our school; the Olympic rings symbolize the Olympic movement and the tower symbolizes reaching new heights and signifies the unity of students, staff, parents and community working together.

What makes Olympic Heights unique?

Parents, communities and educators working together in the best interest of all children is a primary learning goal of the Calgary Board of Education and the staff of Olympic Heights School. Through this goal it is our intention to make each child’s learning experiences personalized, enriching and engaging.

Our Uniqueness | Three Learning Communities

Our school is organized into three learning communities (Kindergarten and Grades 1-2. Grades 3-4 and Grades 5-6). Within each learning community, there are eight to ten classrooms. This organization offers three main advantages: it reduces the anonymity that occurs within large schools; it provides opportunities for teachers and students to work together collaboratively to create a sense of belonging. Students and teachers also utilize the Learning Plaz and Learning Commons for learning.

Our Uniqueness | Inquiry Learning

Rich and engaging educational experiences that entice children into learning, to formulating important questions they want to seek answers to, and to being active participants in learning are presented. Quality standards for each child to achieve will be set. Working alongside of experts has deepened children’s learning experiences. There is a seamless approach in taking up inquiry topics. There are definite times throughout the day devoted to specific subjects; there is also time devoted to inquiry learning where the meaningful connection of subjects occurs. Technology and the creative arts can be infused in the inquiry studies.

Our Uniqueness | Global Citizenship

Our school has a beautiful blend of thirty‐one cultural groups which increases our understanding of our global world and enriches our studies.  Our diversity is a strength.

Our Uniqueness | Student Empowerment

We promote the creation of a culture of character and caring in our school through the implementation of The Virtues Project and the school’s “Three Pillars of Care.” Students are lead to demonstrate the positive attributes and values that facilitate a positive and empowering learning environment and support the development of ethical and moral global citizens.

In meeting the needs of the individual student, school expectations will emphasize socially responsible behaviour that includes respect for the rights and well‐being of others, property and self. Discussions with children center on three pillars.

  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Take Care of Others
  • Take care of Our Place

Students are instructed regularly about bullying/hurtful behaviours and the strategies to deal with social conflicts.  Every student has a role and responsibility when it comes to bullying/hurtful behaviours and what it takes to create a sense of belonging for everyone.  Every student learns how to give an “I Feel” statement when this kind of behaviour occurs.

Our Uniqueness | Environmental Initiatives

Olympic Heights is in a CBE partnership with ENMAX Corporation called the GEN E Program. All students have the opportunity to learn about renewable energy technologies and accessing the real data on our school Vantage Pro2 Weather Station and from our school Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine. Teachers and students will be comparing renewable energy technologies with schools with solar and photo voltaic cells, as they pertain to their inquiry studies.  Olympic Heights continues to work towards reducing the impact on our earth by recycling and composting.  Students are encouraged to use reusable containers for lunches and to reduce the amount of waste that goes into the landfill.


Our Uniqueness ~ Three Nature Areas

Three nature areas on our school grounds provide a rich opportunity for children to engage in nature studies and for children to make a positive contribution to their environment and to respect and protect living things. Our three nature areas are the “West Garden Area”, “Native Plant Park” & “Amphitheatre and the Prairie Circle.”