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Olympic Heights School Principal Selection

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What's New

Lucy Tries Luge:
Literacy and Luge Team Launch
Learning & Inquiry Studies

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The Joy of Learning - Olympic Heights School

Watch our 7 minute YouTube video,
The Joy of Learning (Oct. 2014)



Olympic Heights Citizenship and Gifts of Caring


» Waterwell Movie #1
» Waterwell Movie #2
» Citizenship

Olympic Heights Peace Initiatives
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Proud members of Peaceful Schools International
Children Changing The World ~ Water Well Project
Olympic Heights Peace Initiatives
Updated March 08
School Song
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Community Engagement


» Olympic Heights capped enrolment Aug. 2012


» Capped enrolment update - Jan. 2013


About the program

» Students! Get involved and take action

» CBE Innovation Showcase 2009
» Experiencing Innovative Energy Solutions
» Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine
» The CBE and ENMAX  GEN E Renewable Energies Launch



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