Calgary Board of Education

Enmax Gen E


The ENMAX Gen E Program was developed in collaboration with teachers and administration from the Calgary Board of Education and ENMAX.  The ENMAX Gen – E Program gives teachers the tools to bring energy conservation and emerging renewable energy technologies into the classroom. The ENMAX Gen E Program website acts as an online community and will house classroom resources, educational kits, and discussions for teachers to gain a level of knowledge that will allow them to bring the concepts to their classrooms.

Olympic Heights School received a Vantage Pro 2 digital weather station in 2007 through an A+ for Energy BP grant.  Our students conducted data analysis regarding wind speeds, graphing wind data and used new scientific equipment that integrated wind experiments into the classroom. As a result of our  2007-2008  BP Energy  WE 3 Wind Energy Project , data collection and our windy conditions on the west side of Calgary, Olympic Heights was selected as a pilot school for the CBE / ENMAX partnership by receiving a Skystream 3.7 wind turbine on our CBE school grounds.

Students and  teachers  will now  have the opportunity  through the ENMAX GEN E Program to explore the environmental benefits of decreasing our GHG ( Green house Gases),  learn the technical aspects, economics and generating capacity of a wind turbine through the data collected from our school Vantage Pro 2 live weather station and the ENMAX GEN E networked technological grid.