Calgary Board of Education

Enmax Gen E


The CBE and ENMAX  GEN E Renewable Energies Launch

The CBE and ENMAX GEN  E  Renewable Energy Launch was held at Olympic Heights School on a beautiful winter afternoon. Thirteen schools from both the public CBE and the Calgary Separate Schools celebrated the launch of the ENMAX GEN E School Program for renewable energy technologies. Olympic Heights was fortunate to receive a Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine for a pilot program to monitor how much wind is generated and how much electricity the school is using and hopefully, saving.

Dr. Brendan Croskery, Superintendent of Calgary Public Schools, Mr. Gary Holden, President and CEO of ENMAX, Ms. Margaret Belcourt, Chair of the  Board of Trustees  of the Calgary Separate Catholic Schools, and Ms. Barbara Bannon, Principal of Olympic Heights, officiated at the opening of the GENE E School Program for Renewable Energy Technologies.

Guests from ENMAX, the CBE and SSCS all marveled at the beautiful new Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine standing magnificently under a wind swept, blue Alberta sky.

Grade 5 students painted two beautiful watercolour paintings depicting our new wind turbine. These paintings were presented by Katy and Moritz  to  ENMAX President and CEO Mr. Gary Holden and  by Emma and Liam to CBE’s Energy and Environment ECO TEAM, Mr. Samir Adkar and Dr. Brendan Croskery, superintendent CBE, as a thank you from Olympic Heights School.

Students from schools involved in the CBE / ENMAX Renewable Energy Pilot shared their school journey to date regarding their renewable energy technologies of  either a wind turbine, solar panels or photo voltaic cells.   An enjoyable and informative time was spent viewing displays and discussing renewable energy technologies with fellow students and guests. 

Thank you, CBE and ENMAX, for very generously providing Olympic Heights School with the Skystream 3.7 Wind Turbine as a pilot for the ENMAX  GEN E Renewable Energy School Program. We look forward to new teaching and learning opportunities at Olympic Heights School.