Calgary Board of Education

Enmax Gen E


In anticipation of the ENMAX GEN E Program and the Skystream 3.7 wind turbine arrival at Olympic Heights School, each child in the school designed their own picture of how wind spoke to them. Each image on onion skin paper was decoupaged onto a model wind turbine placed in our school Plaza foyer. Many creative images portrayed the physical aspects of wind, the renewable concepts of clean, green energy while others created their own wind turbine designs portraying where one might find them throughout the land.

Once the foundation had set, the Skystream 3.7 wind turbine tower, blades, bolts and crane arrived, the crew was busy with the assembling of the ENMAX Skystream 3.7 wind turbine. Students, staff and community members were so excited to see the installation of the sleek, tower turbine, which would be connected to our school utility meter and ENMAX electrical grid.

Students stood in awe as they watched the crane gently lift the 12. 2 metre turbine tower as the crew attached the base to the strong cement foundation. After the wires and cables were in place, the bolts were secured; the turbine was ready to convert the kinetic energy of wind into clean, electrical energy for years to come!

Beautiful soft shadows are cast against our school wall on a sunny afternoon.

The new teaching and learning about clean, renewable energy is just beginning!