Insect Websites

This site will give you many links to specific insects you may be studying.

(3-D Insects; interactive; mainly fun; some info.)

(A searchable database of over 200 of Canada's insects; does not give exact regional location)

(downloadable pictures; some info.; links to Art websites)

cat072702munchsft.jpg (19519 bytes)

150 of Canada's insects species, divided into five parts; does not give exact regional location

(butterfly site; info. and downloadable pictures)

(insect info. ….approached from an “insecticide” point of view)

(sophisticated info.; could be used for “shared reading” prior to research; describes the different regions of Canada)

(bullet point info; needs many jumps to links)

(articles by different people on butterfly info.)

(good info. on different butterflies, including the Painted Lady