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History of Environmental Activities

Photo of Native Plant park

Olympic Heights School

Purpose of Environmental Activities at Olympic Heights School

  • To help students understand the importance of recycling, reusing, and reducing.
  • To help students understand that natural areas of our environment need to be protected and can be restored when necessary.
  • To give students the opportunity to take positive action in shaping their school environment.
  • To give students and stakeholders the opportunity to beautify our school surroundings.
  • To give students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for solving some of the environmental challenges they face now and will face in the future.
  • To involve as many students as possible in ongoing environmental activities.
  • To provide areas that will facilitate the study of curriculum concepts.
  • To involve students, staff, parents and community members in activities where they can plan and work together.
  • To provide areas that can be used and enjoyed by students, staff and community members both during the day and after school hours.


School, parental and community support was involved with developing and implementing activities

"Together We Can Reach New Heights" is the school's stated motto and is evidenced in all activities related to environmental awareness at our school.

  • When environmental activities are undertaken all 750 students are involved whenever possible. When all students are involved they will take more responsibility and care for what they have created. Throughout the decision-making process any changes considered always center around how they would benefit students and how they could be used educationally.
  • A close liaison with the neighbourhood community association, the Calgary Board of Education and the City of Calgary Parks and Recreation Board is required.
Our school is a unique and special place to be enjoyed by all. Learning is continuous and is enhanced because the students, staff, parents and community members work together to reach 'new heights.