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Photo of SchoolThe Environment Club at Olympic Heights School sets as its primary goal to promote student leadership in environmental concerns throughout the school and expanding into the community. Students meet each week with a group of interested teachers and plan their yearly activities based upon student interests and school projects. The club meetings involve:

  • Thematic research, special speakers and teaching time
  • School activities such as poster making, announcements,
  • Outdoor activities such as outdoor pruning, hiking or crafts

Many of the activities the Environment members have been involved in are:

  • promotion of garbage free lunches, by providing environmental "tips" through school announcements
  • assisting with school gardening
  • paper recycling and classroom composters
  • providing leadership in Earth Day activities

Students share a comraderie that allows for a deep interest in nature and love for living things.

Photo of student working in plant park Photo of student working in plant park Photo of student working in plant park