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Energy Saving and Paper & Beverage Recycling at Olympic Heights

Our commitment to Taking care of Our Place begins with all students, teachers and staff at Olympic Heights School. We all make an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle paper on a daily basis within our classrooms, offices and in every room of the school.

Members of the School Environment Club are divided into two groups throughout the year. Both Energy Savers and Recyclers are busy each week with responsibilities that help to Take Care of Our Place.

Energy Savers check classrooms and computer monitors on a spot- check basis each week to ensure that all lights and monitors are off when not in use. Everyone is encouraged to reduce electricity when not needed. Water saving taps have been installed in most student washrooms. Hallway lights are either on half usage or turned off when not needed, along with the gym and library lights when appropriate.

Plastic recycling bins are in every room of the school with pairs of students are assigned to every room. Each week, students collect mixed paper, cardboard and beverage containers for recycling. There are three large containers lined with large clear plastic bags near the back parking lot door. Students carefully check each recycling box to ensure that only mixed paper and cardboard is placed in these bins. Each week these bags are picked up by a private recycling company paid for from the Environment Fund and from a generous donation from School Council.

Another group of students carefully check the four large Alberta Beverage Recycling Containers to ensure that straws are out of juice boxes and caps are off all beverage containers. All cans, bottles and juice containers must be emptied of all liquids before being placed in large clear plastic bags set out for a local Bottle Depot to pick up every two weeks. All funds from these beverage containers are returned to the school for the Environment Fund.