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Administration Message | December

December is upon us and Christmas and the winter break is just around the corner. This month is filled with lots of events, activities, and opportunities for students and families. Please see calendar.

At Christmas time everyone has opportunities both large and small to show kindness and generosity. It may be because we’re in the gift-giving mode that giving to others becomes so important at Christmas time. This is the time when we are more aware of our families, friends and communities. Whatever the reason, don’t let Christmas pass you by without showing kindness and generosity to someone less fortunate. Acts of kindness can include delivering gifts/hampers to a family in need, serving homeless families at a soup kitchen, allowing someone to go ahead of you in a lengthy line up, or just saying some kind words to a stranger. It is truly more important to give than to receive.

In the spirit of generosity and kindness, our learning community is involved in two service learning opportunities during the month of December. There is the Olympic Heights School “Mayors Food Bank Challenge” and the OHS “Christmas Hampers” for families less fortunate.

Through active citizenship and the spirit of generosity, students and families who are participating in our Christmas service learning opportunities are able to spread happiness, support and hope to individuals and families currently facing difficult circumstances in their lives at this time of year. Olympic Heights School is a very generous learning community who makes a difference in many people’s lives. Thank you to everyone for their support.

Thank you to all parents who have signed up and started to send in items for the Christmas Hampers. We appreciate your generous spirit at this time of year. Your support will make this holiday special for a number of families who will benefit from having some of their wants and needs take care of for them.

Over the last month, Olympic Heights School has been working to foster a learning community that is generous in spirit and encourages a sense of belonging. The school SWAT team and comprehensive school health team have been nurturing these values through a variety of initiatives in the school including random acts of kindness on World Kindness Day and presentations to the students about wellness in our school. It is wonderful to see our students building empathy and kindness throughout our community.

We also continue to build staff professional development around integrating “The Circle of Courage” values into the classroom. This is a new focus for the school and builds upon ensuring that students are the best that they can, academically, socially and emotionally. It is important to build a sense belonging in our school and foster independence, generosity, and mastery for all students. As we dig deeper into these discussions you will continue to see this become more and more visible throughout our building.

In the spirit of generosity, we want to thank the School Council Special Events Team for providing dinner and special
treats for the staff for Student Led Conferences. Thank you to our learning community. This is always so much appreciated.

To celebrate the festive season here are a number of exciting activities occurring in December. The Division 1 and 2
choirs are performing on December 7 – Bake Sale to follow this performance, Silent Auction and Beverage Bar at Student Conferences, and carolling the last week of school.

Dave Quon, Prinicpal