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Principal’s Message | February

Welcome back to all after a long restful holiday break.  Weather and ice conditions continue to be a challenge for us during unstructured break times at lunch and throughout the day.  Please ensure your child arrives to school with cold weather clothing everyday as we will be outside as long as it is not exceeding the -20 threshold, as set out in CBE guidelines.  Be sure to check our ever-growing lost and found for student belongings the next time you visit the school, which is located across the hall by the main office.

As part of the PE program, our Grade 4 & 5 students will be participating in skiing lessons at COP throughout the month of February.  If your child has a medical condition or is ill, please let the homeroom teacher know in advance.  This will allow us to adjust the attendance numbers with COP to prevent the school from having to cover last minute cancellation costs.  Our grade 6 students have already attended their two days and returned smiling, exhausted and with many experiences to share.

Parent Council will be held on the evening of Wednesday, February 7 at 7 pm in the grade 5 classroom area.  We will be having a presentation from the Grade 3 Team, Lifetouch Photographers and an update from our before and after school program STEM.  All parents are invited to attend one or all of the meetings throughout the year.

There are a few staffing updates for February at SVS.  We would like to welcome Ms. Rath who will be teaching in the grade 5 team for Mr. Spriggs until April 3, 2018.  Welcome also to Ms. Sonia Kak who will be teaching in the grade 3 team for Ms. Ridley until her return from leave.

Just a safety reminder for all parents of bussed students to make sure they have alternate plans and adequate supervision for their student at bus stops, especially during cold weather.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and courteous manner at stops, during transportation and walking home from the bus.  Please feel free to contact the school with any incidents or concerns you may become aware of involving unsafe behavior, or conflict at our community bus stops.

We continue to ask for your support during the high volume pick up and drop off times. Cars are not allowed to park on or wait for students on 14th Street. This congestion makes it dangerous for students trying to cross at the crosswalk. We would also like to remind everyone that using the condominium complex across the school as a pick up area is prohibited. Thank you for working with us to make these times safe for everyone.

Teachers are constantly assessing student achievement and providing feedback to support their academic development.  I encourage parents to contact their child’s teacher directly if they have any questions or concerns regarding student progress, challenges or just an opportunity to touch base at any time during the school year.  Making an appointment to discuss these matters ensures that staff has adequate time to engage in the conversation and maintains the privacy of the student and parent.

This year, Pink Shirt Day is on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.  Students and staff are encouraged to wear pink as a demonstration of our need to work together to promote healthy relationships and prevent bullying.

Being proactive in preventing bullying means we accept shared responsibility for creating and maintaining learning and work environments that are safe and welcoming for all students, their families and staff. Participating in events like Pink Shirt Day shows leadership in our schools and communities. This display of support is the foundation for creating bullying prevention strategies and modelling healthy relationships.   

Mr. Christopher Snow