Calgary Board of Education

School Fees

2013– 2014

Instructional Supplies and Materials Fee (Grade 1-4)

The Calgary Board of Education has mandated an Instructional Supplies and Materials Fee. This fee covers the basic cost of expendable instructional supplies and materials for all courses.

Grade 1- 4 $30.00 + $10.00 Optional Fees = $40.00

Please also provide your child with a backpack and indoor shoes.

Instructional and Activity Fee (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten will collect a fee one time at the beginning of the school year called the “Activity Fee.”

Kindergarten Mandatory Instructional Fee $15.00
Kindergarten Activity Fee $50.00

Total fees for Kindergarten $65.00

Field Trip/Off Campus Activity Fees

These monies are charged to students to cover the cost of a specific activity or program. All classes will go on field trips during the school year. Parents will be advised of the dates and locations well in advance and requested to provide permission forms and the applicable fee.

Lunch Room Fees

McKenzie Lake School is committed to being accountable to parents for all lunchroom fees collected. There are several payment options for full-time and are described on the Lunchroom registration form. Full time fees, determined by the CBE annually, will be $135 for the Bus Riders of the 2013 - 2014 school year. For Non Bus Riders of this School Year, the fee is $200. There is a drop-in fee of $5.00 per day per child.

Milk Program

Students may purchase a milk card in the lunchroom. The cost is $5 for seven containers of milk. When children pick up their milk, the supervisor checks off that they received milk that day.

Elective fee

Parents of children who benefit from our lunchroom program and supervision may choose to contribute a $10.00 fee for off-setting the incidental costs of running this program. As agreed with McKenzie Lake School Council, this activity fee assists schools in meeting incidental needs over the lunch hour, including staffing, nutrition activities, food shelf, games, stickers, monitor club, special days and prizes.