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For Students - Grade 4

Grade 4


Math Fact Cafe

Virtual Manipulatives

10 Frame Games

Telling Time

100 Chart


Skill Practice

Nelson Math Review

Math 3 Under the Sea


BBC Science Games


Lights and Shadows

Alien Attack

Nature Conservancy Canada

Endangered Animals

What is a Forest?

Biology of Plants

Waste and World

Seed Dispersal

Simple Machines

More Simple Machines

Simple Machines Learning

Simple Machines Flash


Simple Machines Quiz

Simple Machines Quiz 2

Simple Machines Quiz 3

Simple Machines Jeopardy

Rube Goldberg

How to Build a Rube Goldberg Contraption with Kids

Social Studies


Letters from the Trunk

Canada Map Puzzle

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Aberta Settlers

Famous Albertans

More Famous Albertans

Alberta Source

Alberta Info

Travel Alberta

Alberta Regions

Language Arts

Star Fall

PBS Kids


Aboriginal Legends

Canadian Folklore

Our Canadian Girl

Jan Brett

Robert Munsch

Laura Numeroff


Dace Mat Typing Practice

Cup Stack Typing

Fun Brain Reading

Mad Libs


Healthy Learners username: mlshealth password: health

Bullies 2 Buddies

Cyber Safe Games

The 3 Cyber Pigs

It's My Life

Bad Guy Patrol


French Vocab

Mr. Renaud French

Parents for French

French Quia Activies

Fun Brain

Kids Space

Fact Monster

Kids Sites

ABC Teach

Enchanted Learning

2 Learn

Alberta Artists

Kids Click

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