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Riverbend Roundup | Oct. 24-29


Grade Threes to Glenbow
Grade 3 students visited the Glenbow Museum on Oct. 6. There, they studied artifacts from India, Peru, Tunisia, and Ukraine and presented their findings as seen in the photos.


For the second half of the day, the students studied the properties of rocks and minerals, taking a mystery mineral back to school to investigate. Students learned that each mineral has a specific crystal shape, streak colour, and hardness.


School Council Meeting
At Wednesday’s meeting, a big thanks went out to the volunteers who made Riverbend’s Casino so successful. We will find out the results of this fundraiser early in 2017. Several new items were approved for purchase at this meeting, including a SMART board, updated Phys Ed equipment, technology improvements and two supplemental learning programs: Raz-kids and Mathletics. Full details will follow in the near future about how these can be used at home.


Dogs at Riverbend
It has recently been observed that many dogs can be seen in and around the playground. Please remember that dogs should not be in the school area, especially if they are off leash. This is a safety concern. Please help us keep Riverbend safe.




Important Dates


October 28: Author David Bouchard’s visit
October 31: Halloween (see notice that went out this week)
November 4: Photo Retake Day


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