Calgary Board of Education

School Information

Address & phone number

10330 Hamptons Blvd. N.W. Calgary, AB T3A 6G2
t | 403-777-7300
f | 403-777-7301


Kindergarten to Grade 4

About the School

The Hamptons School opened September 02, 1999. It is the first school in Alberta to be built by a community developer. The project is a unique partnership involving Alberta Education, the Calgary Board of Education and Tirion Properties. The parents and the community at large have actively participated in the creation of the school from its beginning.

The school has 10 classrooms including 1 kindergarten room (1 morning class and 1 afternoon class), 8 classrooms for Grades 1-4, an art/science room, and a music room. The school has a library with a wide variety of print and audio-visual materials. Each class has a pod of networked computers and a SMARTboard, and the school has wireless access and a portable laptop lab. All classrooms have connection to the internet and the school networked server.

Our large multi-purpose room accommodates physical education classes, team teaching activities, assemblies, fine arts activities, presentations, and parent meetings.


To register your children, call the secretary at 403-777-7300. Registrations for students who have not previously been registered at a CBE school will require a copy of a birth certificate.

The Hamptons Personnel

School Principal | Barbara Harvey
Administrative Secretary | Clara Hayashi