Calgary Board of Education

Principal's Message

In keeping with The Hamptons School motto, “A Child’s Second Home of Learning,” our staff is committed to working with parents for student success. We will treat your children as though they were our own.

Students at The Hamptons School demonstrate strong and positive academic, behaviour, and social skills. This year we will build on these skills by personalizing the learning for each student.  Personalized learning is the process of designing learning for and with each student so that all students can participate, progress and achieve.  The results are students with a deep understanding of the content, superior academic results and students who know themselves well so they can self-initiate, self-reflect and problem solve.  Our students will be the best that they can be!

We will be setting goals all year at The Hamptons School.  We will all work hard to achieve our goals and we will help each other achieve.   Through setting and achieving goals, we will explore and enhance the CBE’s Results of Personal Development, Citizenship, Character and Academic Success.

We will also be focussing on developing resilient students and teaching students to stand up to bullying.  Students will recognize their strengths and use this knowledge to become strong, independent students with good self-esteem.   The Hamptons School will become stronger as we all work together.

At The Hamptons we believe:

  • Learning is our central purpose.
  • Learning is fostered in a caring environment.
  • Learning is a continuous, social process for which we are all responsible.
  • Collaboration and teamwork result in ownership, which strengthens the learning process.
  • High expectations with high levels of student support promote excellence.
  • The building of relationships is the cornerstone of growth and improvement.

Barbara Harvey