Explore Some More!


1. "Switch Zoo" - This is a fun site where you can create lots of imaginary creatures.

2. Calgary Stampede - this site offers information on the Stampede that Calgary is known for worldwide.

3. Palaeo Pursuit - a site designed by Virtual Museum Canada that takes you on a dig during the time of the dinosaurs.

4. Heritage Park - this site offers games, photos and videos under Park Info on the left side of the home page.

5. Tour Mount Everest - this site takes you on an interactive tour from base camp to the summit of the world's highest mountain.

6. Glenbow Museum - click any of the links listed across the top of the home page and you will be able to explore some of what this local museum has to share.

7. Hockey - explore the history of hockey in Canada. This site is brought to you by Library and Archives Canada.

8. Exploratorium Online Exhibits - check out these interactive exhibits.