Gym & Health


1. Out on a Limb - this site helps students learn how to get along with others better and how to make good choices for themselves and others.

2. Colgate Kids World - this site helps students learn about their teeth and how to keep them healthy. There are some fun games for younger students. This site is best suited for students in grades K-3.

3. Healthy Teeth - this site, created by the Nova Scotia Dental Association, provides many interactive activities that encourage children to take good care of their teeth.

4. Dole 5 A Day, Eat Healthy! - encourages children to eat their fruits and vegetables! This is an interactive site with lots of activities.

. Infection, Detection, Prevention! - a website from the American Museum of Natural History that provides lots of great information on how viruses and germs react in our bodies and how we can prevent them from grabbing hold.

6. S-Team Heros- a website from the Alberta Government that teaches anti-bullying strategies to students through interactive activities.