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Math Websites

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1. AAA Math -
This site offers many different skill based activities, along with mini lessons at each grade level that provide explanations of the skills. You need to be sure you choose your grade level and then choose the skill you want to work on.

2. Ask Dr. Math - Browse the "Archives" of questions asked by other students (click on "Elementary") and discover the answers as well. Do a "Search", or "Ask Dr. Math" a question about something you need help with.

3. Figure This - Take a Challenge! - This site offers a variety of problem solving activities to engage the entire family!

4. Alberta Learning's Grade 6 Mathematics - An interactive site with all kinds of links to curricular based lessons and strategies. Students actively participate in the lessons.

5. Revise Wise Math - A variety of informative and interactive math activities covering several different concepts.

6. What's the Point? - An interactive activity that will challenge student's graphing skills. Students may select an appropriate level of play.

7. Change Maker - This site challenges students to collect as much money into their "piggy banks" as possible by making correct change. Be sure to click on an appropriate level of difficulty and the Canadian Flag to use our currency.

8. Patterns - Investigate the number patterns that occur throughout maths. This site is very interesting!

9. Visual Fractions -An interactive site that provides instruction and practice in identifying, renaming and operating in fractions. All examples are modelled with number lines or circles.

10. Children's House of Cool Math - This is a fun site that teaches children the amazing "short cuts" of math.

11. Exam Bank - This site is only accessible to students at school, with the guidance of their teacher.

12. Geometric Figures and Fractions - this site is well illustrated and is geared to students in grades 3-6.

13. Let's Do Math - this site offers lots of interactive math activities. The activities range in difficulty.

14. Math Magician - On this website, you can practice your basic addition, subtraction and multiplication skills. It is interactive and you are timed, so you can practice until you are fast, fast, fast!!!

15. Math Fact Cafe- On this website, you can practice your basic math facts. It is interactive and makes practicing fun!

16. Interactive Math Problem Solving - Students may think through and solve word problems using different strategies.

17. Virtual Manipulatives Library - Awesome site for interactive math activities using virtual manipulatives.

18. Sagwa Tangrams - Interactive website where children can complete Tangrams puzzles.

19. Kids - Tangram online games for kids.

20. Interactivate Maze Game - This activity allows the user to practice their point plotting skills by having them move a robot through a mine field to a target location.

21. Interactivate Shape Explorer - This applet allows the user to test his or her skill at calculating the area and perimeter of a given figure.

22. Area and Perimeter - Funbrain Shape Surveyor game using area and perimeter.


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