Music and Art

1. The San Francisco Symphony Website for Kids

2. The PBS Music Website for Kids

3. The New York Philharmonic Website for Kids

4. Cyber Muse Your Art Education Resource.

5. "Art Attack" - from CiTV and HIT Entertainment. This site compliments a fun television program. It has lots of great arts and crafts ideas to keep you creative!

6. Emily Carr - visit this site to learn about the life and work of a historical Canadian artist.

7. Mixing Colours - this site shows how you can mix colours to make new colours.

8. NGA Kids - this site is produced by the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. offers awesome interactive art activities and opens windows for viewing of many examples of artistic works.

9. Reading Music - this site provides lessons that introduce the most important topics in reading music.

10. Arts Alive! Music from the National Arts Centre - check out all the awesome information on famous composers and venture through the instrument lab!

11. Musical Mysteries - this BBC site is a terrific interactive source of musical activities that allow children to explore music and sound.

12. Canadian Historical Sound Recordings- this website is by the Canadian government and provides images, sounds and information related to the recording of early Canadian music.

13. Early Canadian Sheet Music- this website is part of the historical music collections by the Canadian government.