1. The Magic School Bus
- A Scholastic Website that is very interactive and allows you to explore animals, insects and more. Be sure to take some of the interesting tours!

2. The Electronic Naturalist
- This site offers a new environmental education unit each week. For younger students, it is best to view the "quick read".

3. Rocks and Minerals - Explore the properties of various rocks and minerals.

4. Our Solar System - Explore the planets through these interesting websites.

5. Alberta's 6 Bio-Regions - Explore Alberta's land regions and animal habitats.

6. Science for Kids - this site offers kid friendly links to many interesting and fun science pages provided by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS).

7. National Geographic Kids - Check out the "Creature Features"! They are really neat! Try the "GeoBee Challenge" and visit the "Games" area. This site is guaranteed to keep young scientists busy!

8. Nasa Kids - This site is loaded with games, activities and really interesting facts about all kinds of things! Hover your mouse over things to see if they are "clickable" as there are many links here.

9. Alberta's Wildlife Viewing Guide - this site is a partner to "Watchable Wildlife" and shows where specific wildlife habitats can be found throughout our province.

10. Animals On The Web - a variety of links to information on all kinds of creatures!

11. Insects on the Web - an informative site by "The Learning Zone" of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

12. Insecta-Inspecta - The world is covered in bugs, so shouldn't you know something about them.

13. Orkin Learning Centre - Orkins pest library.

14. Enchanted Learning - Enchanted Learning home page

15. Google Kids and Teens -

16. Praying Mantid Information -

14. Arctic Animals -



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