Social Studies


Click any of the links below.

1. Early Canada - A variety of informative website links on the early exploration of Canada.

2. City of Calgary for Youth - this link takes you to the youth area of the City of Calgary website. You can learn more about your community. Click any of the topics on the left side of the screen to find out more. There are great tips for health and fire safety.

3. Alberta Links - this page provides links to explore Alberta history, as well as present day.

4. Royal Canadian Mint - Look at Canadian coins.

5. Historical Maps of Canada - you can click on the timeline to view the map of Canada throughout the years. See if you can find the changes.

8. Government - this page will provide a variety of links to help you learn about the various levels of Canadian Government.

9. Geography - test your knowledge of a variety of maps.

10. Maps of Canada - two great maps from the Canadian Government.

11. Canada's Geographical Regions - this site has links to some great information about the regions of Canada. It also has a lot of other information on Canada.

12. Native Flags - this site shows a variety of flags representative of Canadian Natives.

13. Canadian Heritage Gallery - an extensive collection of maps, sketches and photos of Canada's land and people throughout history.

14. Canada's Physical Regions - this site has links to information about the physical land regions of Canada.

15. Crossroads of Culture - The Canadian Museum of Civilization's online archive of many early immigrant artifacts. A wealth of information for those interested in the diversity of early Canada.




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