Calgary Board of Education

About Our School


How will learning take place? Character Education is an instructional technique that uses common language to examine what is going on; how people feel; what could be the best way of going about learning. It is a way of modeling cooperation and understanding between individuals and cultures. By deliberately developing character all students can be leaders. Students need to depend upon each other and work cooperatively. They need to know their roles; what they are expected to achieve and how to demonstrate that it benefits the group. Discussion, observation, and understanding are key teaching and learning experiences and skills we will develop. Our quest for building relationships will be through generosity, caring, hope and respect for each other. You will see evidence of staff caring deeply for our children. Our goal is that we will also have a sense of playfulness in our building – a community where everyone wants to be.

Inquiry Based Learning is a process where students can reflect upon a situation, their learning, or group dynamics in a way that examines a specific question. It can be a powerful tool for cultural inclusion, appreciation for plurality, and dialogue. We often begin by asking "What's the problem?" With Appreciative Inquiry students are heard, seen, and appreciated. It also enables students to be active participants in the thinking process and encourages them to amplify what strengths or qualities they already possess towards their learning or class environment.

Our foundation in building a community will be our deep investment in children and their learning. We believe that all children have the capacity to learn and flourish. Our role is to have every child succeed. It is not about having the answers, but asking deep questions.

We wish to always model to you as parents, each other and to our students that we have a sense of passion and voraciousness for learning. We want our children to be critical thinkers and have strong ethics. We value risk taking for our children and there are multiple opportunities in our school and classrooms for actions and speech whereby each individual is encouraged to distinguish them as an individual. We will ask ourselves each day what have I contributed to our place – what difference have I made for myself and for another?