Calgary Board of Education

Character Education


Each student will possess the character to do what is right, act morally with wisdom, and balance individual concerns with the rights and needs of others.

Accordingly, each student will demonstrate:
1. Integrity
2. Compassion
3. Decency
4. Civility
5. Fairness
6. Courage
7. Initiative
8. Perseverance
9. Respect
10. Optimism
11. Responsibility

From Calgary Board of Education Ends Statement 5 - Character

Virtues List (PDF)
Character Quotes

Websites The centerpiece of the site is the "Gallery of Achievement" which showcases the lives and achievements of legendary persons who have contributed to the development of the 21st century and who fascinate the public. The purpose to the exhibit is to show that these achievers were ordinary people that did extraordinary things, thereby inspiring others to greatness. The gallery features audio and video clips as well as written interviews with the subjects, biographies of their lives and profiles of their accomplishments. The achievers are categorized into several areas including the arts, public service, sports, business, and science and exploration. : Site for the Anti-Deflamation League that has a number of educator information sites on prejudice, as well as this particular issue of curriculum connections that speaks about Using Children's Literature to Increase Empathy, has lesson plans tied to 5 specific books at the K-7 level, and a list of Recommended Multicultural and Anti-Bias Books K-6, which can be searched by cultural group, folktales and a variety of other categories. If you are looking for fictional literature on this particular theme, or religion/culture, a good site within the overall site.  A series of Reader’s Theater scripts  that focus on virtues. Link to ASCD’s Character Education Network, CHARACTER magazine published by CAEC at Boston University, and some other useful book lists etc for educators. An Alberta Education resource for parents and teens with information on bullying and links to related websites in Alberta and Canada.  Interactive game for students to help them deal with bullying is located at : Good parent and teacher information and resource lists for social-emotional learning. : This is the second Step program website. Has general articles on the relationship between social emotional learning and academics, and specifics on implementing Second Step including lesson plans that could be used with almost any social emotional learning program.   Quotations and book lists at this site, quotes are free, sells other materials, some free sample lesson plans. : From the Character Education Partnership. Recent articles on character education and a database of resources. Many of these resource listings lead to excellent other sites. Go to National Schools of Character, and then to Lesson Plans for good lessons at all levels. : Teacher site for the Josephson Institute. Suitable for lower grades. Lots of Quotes at : Classroom activities and resources. : An excellent site for lessons, articles and links to other places. It has a yearly fee of $15 per individual or $99.00 per site, but is well worth it if you are looking for teacher or parent materials. : Thomas Lickona's Centre for the Fourth and Fifth R's, Respect and Responsibility has articles and a variety of practical accounts of embedding R and R. : Site has: resources available in French, access to 170 pg. document for gr. 4-6 and 8-12, bullying survey for students and parents, teaching strategies. : Centre for Social & Emotional Education- Teacher and parent resources for teaching emotional and social intelligence and related skills. : Links to a wide variety of organizations and sites involved in a wide variety of peace making initiatives and environmental causes. Not directly character education, and mostly for use in upper secondary, but would be a good starting place for research on any peace related topic. Lists a wide variety of youth oriented peace and environmental sites and groups.  : A site from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction that has some good long term projects and lessons related to character education and citizenship. Some have an American slant, but many are useful, especially at the upper grades.   Book lists by virtue Website from Educators for Social Responsibility has graded lessons for use in teaching social responsibility, related to current events.  : A collection of ethical dilemma for students to think about. Lots of variety, but most suitable for high school. : Teacher site, very good, lesson plans K-12 and the best list of web resources and links that was found on any of the sites-linked to most of the sites on this list, and many others that are more specific.  B.C. based site, but the lesson plans are good, and many of the featured athletes will be known to kids anyway, or it does not matter. : Part of the Safe and Caring Schools Initiative, along with Canadian Heritage and United Nations Association in Canada. Site fosters greater interfaith harmony in the school community, with the aim of understanding and respecting people of different faiths. Lesson plans that tie to Alberta curriculum, materials and resources. Takes some sorting through what is good and what is not, teacher site seems better than the student one.  Excellent character education lesson plans for all grades.  Quotations for character education  Although this one is based on teaching philanthropy to kids (and has lots of good things related to that) it also has 1200 quotes and many lesson plans, K-12, that are all related to various aspects of character education. : Listing of character related sites of all kinds. The best set of links to teacher usable sites, including A to Z themes, Character Education, and Yahoo Character education sites. : Michele Borba's site. Articles for parents including tips for raising moral kids as well as links to other sites.  Current and world relevant lessons for teaching social responsibility at the teachable moment part of this site. Lessons are grouped by grade level, and all are teacher generated.   Hero with biography tied to character and listed by areas of interest, ed Scientists, Actors etc.  A non profit project to help teach respect and value of difference. Contains 30 000 photographs of the world’s children reproduced into a variety of materials that are displayed in public places around the world. Various materials available on the website or to order. Beautiful images, especially for a school with an arts focus.   The NY times columnist on ethics now has a weekly on line article and commentary based on the news, and lots of links. They are not all suitable, and more for high school, but good. The Don’t Laugh at Me program can be ordered free, either elementary or middle school level from McGraw Hill at this site. It includes expressing feelings, compassion, cooperation, resolving conflict an celebrating diversity . Music from Peter Paul and Mary, lesson plans etc.  Good materials for sale on the topic, with samples pages that are free. : Articles, books, advice on strengthening children's character. : Has a number of character related lesson plans for middle school, as well as the entire BC Health and Living skills program with lessons that relate to many topics.  Website for the Alberta Safe and Caring Schools and Communities initiative, which has a variety of information, with a focus on bullying but not limited to that. Includes the Youth Voice Action project for teens. : The Canadian Association of Principals has gathered hundreds of web-based resources in one place. This included links to character ed sites, as well as relevant lesson plans for junior high/senior high health that tackle associated concepts (drugs, alcohol, nutrition etc.) It includes school checklists, articles, policy and more. Website from the Markkula Centre for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.  Ethical dilemmas for young people, ethical decision making framework, articles, links to 250 other character sites and great reading lists. A very useful site.  Good site for K-6, very multicultural with audio, but has a cost attached. : An American national education project dedicated to helping teachers foster equity, respect and understanding in the classroom. Activities and useful resources for teachers. Lists of books that are relevant to character education, and links to articles and information on teaching tolerance in a variety of areas-lots that would be good for schools with ESL learners. : Free sample lessons with a variety of interconnected activities and experiences to help students develop good character, written by a former teacher.  Sell character related lesson, quotations and other materials K-12 which based on the samples, seem useful. Materials to send home for parents to do with students as well.  These activities will challenge students' minds, empower their senses of well-being, and rekindle their hearts with a commitment to values and beliefs essential to becoming and being whole individuals. The activities are divided into primary, intermediate, and upper-grade levels, each with appropriate developmental strategies.  This is a paid site, which costs $300 a year per school, but does have some downloadable lesson samples and lots of quotes. It offers very good materials with direct links to secondary curriculum using events and people that are well known to students (Darfur, Bono) although some have a American slant. Purchase gets you a monthly edition of Virtue in Action as well as access to all previous editions. The general purpose is fostering citizenship through character education. Student materials, activities and teacher guide. Worth a look, and then deciding about the cost. Link from the 4th and 5th R’s Foundation and meant specifically for 12 year olds, has a variety of good character lessons based on the life story of Fred Sarkis-the theme is talking control of your own attitude and life, based on his story Prisoner of the Truck which is itself a recommended book for this theme. Well researched and critiqued, actually quite useful, especially in high needs/immigrant populations or for those who feel they have little control over life’s outcomes.  Excellent website that has links to a wide variety of other character related websites, including some done for kids by kids. Well worth exploring.

**  Websites and their content change frequently, so you will have to check to see if they still exist and have the same content.