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Ms. Osadec, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Bridle, Mrs. Decottignies

Mornings -

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Mornings and Afternoons -

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Grade One

Mrs. Caravan, Mrs. Predika, Ms. Keir, Mrs. Byciuk, Mrs. MacArthur, Ms. McNabb

Team Blog

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Email Mrs. Caravan

Email Mrs. Byciuk  

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Grade 2


Mrs. McLarty, Mr. Knitter, Mrs. Goodall, Ms. Tang, Mrs. Stuart, Mrs. Tipper


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Room 52 & 53

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Email Mrs. Tipper


Room 77

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Grade 3

Mrs. Leonard, Ms. Tennis, Mrs. Wilcox, Ms. Bell, Mrs. Hordyk, Mr. Mackenzie

Team Blog

Blog   Mr. Mackenzie

Blog   Ms. Bell

Blog   Mrs. Leonard

Blog     Ms. Tennis

Blog     Mrs. Wilcox

Blog   Mrs. Hordyk


Grade 4

Ms. Godeseth, Mr. Scheidegger, Mrs. Davies, Mrs. Brandt, Mr. McLaren

Room 77

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Room 79

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Room 80

Email Mr. McLaren

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Room 51

Email Mr. Scheidegger   Email Mrs. Godeseth

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Admin Team


Assistant Principal - Mrs. Angie Ahn

Phys. Ed - Email Mrs. Roworth


Email Mrs. Henderson-McDade at


Phys.Ed & Learning Commons

Mrs. Kari Roworth

Resource & ELL

Mrs. Dianne MacDonald & Mrs. Lesley Engelking