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Digital Citizenship at Evergreen School

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For teachers and students at Evergreen School, digital technology is a natural and essential part of their school experience. Our students use digital tools throughout the learning process; from the gathering and organizing of information, to the synthesis of that information, to the presentation of their learning to an audience. Our teachers are also making use of digital tools in a variety of ways; for the purposes of assessment; data collection; and to open up avenues to learning conversations.

It is our mission to help students to become safe, savvy, and responsible digital citizens from Kindergarten- grade 12 and into adulthood. We aim to help our students to communicate, function, and create change on local, national, and global levels, in ways that are responsible and respectful of others. The use of digital devices throughout the learning process, with teacher support and careful supervision, provides opportunities for students to practice digital citizenship in contexts that mirror real life.

Evergreen's Learner Accessible Wireless Network

The Learner Accessible Wireless Network (LAWN) at Evergreen School allows students and visitors who bring wireless devices to school to connect to our wireless network. It also allows our iPod Touches to connect to the network.

The purpose of the LAWN is to support teaching and learning and to allow opportunities for students to personalize their learning environment, using the tools available to them. Students are not required to bring devices from home. Evergreen School has a wide range of technology for students to use and share.

We encourage all families to please read through the digital citizenship contract with your children. If you would like your child to bring a device from home, it is an expectation that the contract will be signed and returned to your child's teacher prior to them bringing the device to school. If you do not have a copy of the letter and contract, you can download it by clicking the link below:

Evergreen Acceptable Use Policy

Digital Citizenship Contract for Families

Calgary Board of Education Digital Citizenship Resources

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