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Welcome to West Springs School

Upcoming Events

January 3 -Classes resume
January 11 - Studio Bell Grade 3; Grade 1 & 3 intramurals

January 12 - Studio Bell Grade 3; Grade 2 & 4 intramurals

January 13 - Special Lunch

January 16 - Grade 1 & 3 intramurals

January 17 - Grade 2 & 4 intramurals

January 18 - Grade 1 & 3 intramurals

January 19 - Grade 2 & 4 intramurals

January 20 - Special Lunch

January 23 - Grade 1 & 3 intramurals; School Council Meeting 6:30pm

January 24 - Grade 2 & 4 intramuarls

January 25 - Grade 1 & 3 inramurals

January 26 - Grade 2 & 4 intramurals

January Special Lunch; -Report cards go home

February 1 - Boys & Girls Club begins again
February 3 - Non-Instructional Day

February 10 - Special Lunch

February 13 & 14 - Grade 4 skiing

February 16 & 17 - Teachers’ Convention
February 20 -Family Day

February 22-24 - Glenbow Grade 2

February 24 - Special Lunch

February 27 - Felt Artist Kindergarten; School Council Meeting 6:30 pm

February 28 - Felt Artist Kindergarten

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School Council Meeting November Presentation (pdf)

Kindergarten Registration 2017-2018


Registration for the 2017-18 school year begins Monday, Jan. 9, 2017. Children must be at least four years old on or before March 1 to start kindergarten in September of the same calendar year. You have to register in person at your school with proof of residence, your child's name, date of birth and citizenship. Visit the CBE Registration page for more information and for the forms you'll need. More information is available on the CBE Kindergarten page.


Kindergarten | great learning starts here (pdf)




Designation Notice

March 17, 2016 | New School Opening in West Springs (pdf)


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Parents/guardians: Due to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), if you want to keep receiving electronic messages from our school on commercial topics such as student fees and field trip costs, you need to subscribe online.

In addition, if you want to receive any text messages from our school, you need to opt-in by texting the word YES to the six-digit number 724665.



Reporting Student Learning

West Springs School Reporting Process – Student Led Conferences 2014
- presentation to School Council


4 Point Indicator Scale
The 4 point indicator scale for grading on Kindergarten to Grade 9 Report Cards is new this year. Teachers have participated in a number of professional learning activities related to the new indictor scale, assessment of outcomes, and reporting student learning.  Students have also had experience using the 4 point scale as they’ve assessed their learning and achievements this fall.

The 4 point indicator scale is:
1 – Not meeting:  Student does not demonstrate learning of grade level expectations.
2 – Basic:  The student demonstrates achievement of grade level expectations. 
3 – Good:  Student demonstrates a more comprehensive achievement of grade level expectations.
4 – Excellent:  Student demonstrates excellent achievement of grade level expectations. 

Special Lunch

We are pleased to offer Special Lunch again this year - which means you get to take a mini-break from making kids’ lunches. In 2013-2014 Special Lunch was offered 2 times per month. And all orders can be placed through Healthy Hunger, our online order system.


> Ordering instructions (pdf)



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