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Important Information


Cranston School is the Western Canada Winner of the Classroom of the Future Challenge Through Mindshare Learning Technologies!


"Change 4 Change" in Fort McMurray




Students in room 73 and 74 have decided to begin their own social media campaign to see how much "change" they can collect to help those impacted by the fires in Fort McMurray. All proceeds will be donated to the Alberta Red Cross. Each morning, there will be a teacher in the Hub collecting any donations. Each student or adult who makes a donation will write their names on a heart and have it displayed in the Hub.


Cranston's ECOTEAM!!


The EcoTeam is excited to invite you to our next event, to inaugurate our garden beds, on Saturday, May 28, 2016, at 1:00 pm. We plan to plant the plants, and water the garden. We invite families, and members of the community, to join us. We thank The Calgary Foundation Neighbour Grants for this opportunity to see our wish, of growing vegetables to serve the community, come alive! Please let Ms. Goldberg know if you are able to attend or lend a hand in any way – Bring a hand shovel and a small watering can, if you have one! The event will probably last only 1 hour, or so, so please arrive on time!


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School Hours


Kindergarten AM
Entry Bell 8:17AM (Kindergarten Enters at 8:14)
Instruction 8:20AM to 11:15AM

Kindergarten PM
Entry Bell 12:02PM (Kindergarten Enters at 11:58)
Instruction 12:05PM to 3:00PM

Alternate Kindergarten attends
Entry Bell: 8:17AM (Kindergarten Enters at 8:14)
Instruction: 8:17AM -12:00PM

Grade 1-4

Grade 1-4 Monday -Thursday
Entry Bell 8:17AM
Instruction 8:20AM to 11:15AM
Lunch 11:15AM - 12:02PM
Entry Bell 12:02PM
Instruction-12:05PM to 3:00PM

Grade 1-4 Friday (Early Dismissal)
Entry Bell 8:17AM
Instruction-8:20AM to 12:00PM

School Office Hours

Monday -Thursday 8:00AM-3:45PM Friday- 8:00AM-1:00PM

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