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First day of School

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 @ 8:17am.


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Cranston School 2016-2017


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Dr. George Stanley School 2016-2017



Cranston School Hours

Grades 1-3


Cranston School Kindergarten Hours


Entry bell @ 8:17am Kindergarten AM Entry Bell @ 8:15am
Instruction @ 8:20am-11:10am Kindergarten AM Instruction @ 8:17-11:10
Lunch @11:10am-12:07pm Kindergarten PM Entry Bell @ 12:07pm
Entry Bell @ 12:07pm Kindergarten PM Instruction @ 12:10-3:00
Instruction @ 12:10pm-3:00pm Kindergarten-Alternate FridaysEntry Bell @ 8:15am & Instruction 8:17-12:00
Fridays Early Dismissal Entry Bell @ 8:17 Instruction @8:20am-12:00pm Click here for the Kindergarten Friday Schedule

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Cranston School is the Western Canada Winner of the Classroom of the Future Challenge Through Mindshare Learning Technologies!


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Cranston School Vision


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