Calgary Board of Education


Cranston School's Development Plan


Core Work:
Peace Education, Building Independent and Capable Learners – this is at the core of our work

Climate: borderless learning spaces, multi-age structure, triads/dyads/team teaching, Villages, Learning Commons, Maker Spaces/Design Thinking, Fine Arts, R-T-I experiences, clubs/teams, communication, Iris, TLCs

Personalized Learning:  ELL, Task Design, Formative Assessment, Inquiry, Iris, STS Support Project, TLCs, Phys. Ed., R-T-I experiences (Spark, Sensory Room, Body Breaks, Heart Smart, Social Express, Puppy Pals Reading, Inside Out, Rainbows), Mindful Teaching Journey, Technology, Learning Commons

Success in Language & Math Literacy:  Balanced Literacy, Fine Arts, Home Reading, A-I-R, literacy support, literacy workshops (Cherie), LL Instructional Coaching, TLCs

If a child can, s/he will. If s/he cannot, what is interrupting the ‘will’?
How can we smooth the wrinkles with the child and get to the ‘will’?

Are students able to say why the work they are doing is important?


Fees Report to Parents 2017-2018

School Results Report 2016-2017