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School-bound & Safe Update


The school Bound and Safe Committee has been working on ways to improve traffic safety for our children as they go to and from school. In that regard we have completed survey requests to the City of Calgary to:

1) have pedestrian overhead lights (known as a Pedestrian Corridor) installed at Cranston Drive and Cranston Way

2) have marked crosswalks/signage added to the intersection of Cranston Way and Cranleigh CR.

We have received a response from City Traffic Engineers and have been informed of the following:

1) Cranston Drive/Cranston Way does NOT meet the minimum required standards needed to have a Pedestrian Corridor installed (overhead pedestrian light)

2) A traffic count completed in June 2014 indicates that a marked crosswalk at Cranston Way/Cranleigh CR is NOT WARRANTED.

We will continue to look at ways we can improve traffic safety for our children. If parents have any suggestions, comments or concerns, they are invited to email us at  Alternatively, if they have othernon-traffic related concerns, they are invited to contact school administration directly, or complete the online concern form which can be found on this webpage.

A group of parents who are committed to helping our children get to and from school safely.


  • Getting information out to parents on what they can do to help with parking and traffic issues.
  • Gathering information on what we can do and how we can advocate for more painted crosswalks and/or overhead pedestrian crossing signs placed around the important intersections around school.
  • Connecting with the Parent Council from Christ the King Catholic School to determine ways we can partner with them to improve traffic flow in our community.

The are two main areas in which parents can help with traffic difficulties around Cranston School:

Traffic issues are significant around our school however the Cranston School and its administration are extremely limited in what they can do about it.  As parents, our best strategy to combat this problem is reporting traffic issues and concerns to the appropriate city department.

To report an illegally PARKED vehicle, Contact the City of Calgary

Phone: 403-537-7100, option 2 and speak to a Dispatch Officer (Available 24/7)
Information you be asked for when you call:

  • Make/Model/Color of Vehicle
  • License Plate number
  • Location of Vehicle (street names)

To report traffic violations OTHER THAN PARKING, please Contact the Calgary Police Department

Go Online and Submit a Traffic Service Request

Information you will be asked for when you call:

  • Make, Model, and color of Vehicle
  • License Plate Number
  • Street name and location of where incident took place
  • Description of Driver (if possible)
  • Number and type of passengers (if possible)

*** Use this link to report Speeding issues, School or Playground Issues, Pedestrian Safety Issues, Intersection Issues, Illegal Turns

The number of complaints per area are counted.


*Taken from Calgary Parking Authority Website: Tips for Avoiding Tickets

To ensure the safety of children who are being dropped off or picked up at school, please follow these tips

  1. Avoid double parking;
    Watch for signs indicating ‘No Stopping’ and ‘No Parking’ zones;
    (Double Parking is standing or parking a vehicle on the roadway side of a vehicle already stopped, standing or parked at the curb)
  2. Keep school bus zones clear so children can step off the bus and onto a curb instead of exiting into a busy street;
  3. Leave 5 metres between your car and any crosswalk markings. This will ensure children are visible when they enter the crosswalk; ****TOP CONCERN in our area******
  4. Park a least 5 metres from stop signs, yield signs or intersections so that you can clearly see any children in the area; ****TOP CONCERN in our area*****
  5. Avoid blocking entrances to garages or driveways. Stay back at least 1.5 metres.

How long is 5 metres?
It’s roughly 16 feet, which is over a car length (the length of a Honda Odyssey or Dodge Grand Caravan). This restriction is intended to provide pedestrians, cyclists and motorists with both a clear field of vision and plenty of space when approaching intersections.

Note: Distances listed above are NOT recommendations, but requirements as stated in the Calgary Traffic and Parking Bylaws (available for viewing at


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