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Weekly Update | Oct. 15-21, 2017

Happy Sunday All Boys Families!


We had a very quick week this past week and are expecting another quick one coming up with us having a PD day tomorrow. At our PD day tomorrow we are going to focus on our School Development Plan. This is an annual process that we go through to set some of our own targets and measures for success. Last year we had a focus on Literacy (Specifically – writing) and we will be looking at our data associated with this area of focus. We will be assessing whether we met our targets and look at some of the strategies we implemented. From there we will establish new goals and strategies for the upcoming year. We have an eye on the bigger goals that we have for the Boys in their experience at school namely academic success, knowing themselves as learners and developing their sense of self and how they contribute to a community on many different levels. This process forces us to get into the smaller details that will contribute to those larger goals. As we continue through the year we will constantly come back to the targets and strategies we will be setting tomorrow. Later this month and into early November we will make this work public as it gets confirmed by the Area office. Our work tomorrow will also focus on our work inside of IRIS and how we document learning and how we will be reporting this in January in a formal manner during report card time. The last area of focus for our day tomorrow will be some collaborative development of the tasks that teachers are asking the Boys to undertake. We will be looking to develop the teachers lens in regards to task design that allows for students to demonstrate growth in their learning.


This past week we continue to see some amazing work that is contributing to our collective answering of the question above. Our grade 2’s did an amazing job of looking at time capsules and what they say about what’s important to a community. The importance of these items often contributes to a community’s resiliency. The Boys then created their own time capsules and were able to “Bury” it deep in the basement of the school. This was a very special opportunity for the Boys as Mr. Dow escorted them down into the basement and helped contribute to the experience the Boys were having. Our grade 4’s are looking at decomposition and waste in our world as they dissected a Pumpkin and did some related math work with their dissection. The Boys are going to participate in a month long science project with their pumpkins and again Mr. Dow is going to be able to support this in really fun ways. This is such connected work as we look to develop our understanding of waste in our world and how our recycling approach at All Boys is another way to answer the question above. Our Kindergarten and Grade 1’s are examining nature and the wonder that exists during this time of year as the leaves have changed colour and why they change colour. When the Boys are looking at the world in rich ways they will come to understand their place in it in such amazing ways – such great work for the Boys in Kindergarten and Grade 1. Our grade 3 students are looking to continue their connection to “William and the Windmill” and how one person can make a difference in their community. The grade 3 Boys have some really wonderful learning opportunities coming up as they continue to understand how different communities in the world develop their resiliency. The grade 5/6’s have begun to build their version of the city of Calgary in room 7 right next to the office. Please stop in and have a peek at their work. Along with this the Grade 5/6’s also participated in student vote on Friday. A good entry into how we participate in the democratic process.


This past week we also had intramurals at grade 5/6 start up. Mr. Vanderlinden and Mr. Stanley are spending time in the gym at lunch with the Boys playing soccer. This is such a great opportunity for the Boys to come together at lunch and have a great soccer experience. We also had Bricks for Kids in this past week and again the Boys had an amazing opportunity to design/build some really interesting Lego devices.


We have our first Parent Council night meeting coming this Tuesday. This is a great opportunity for parents to come and hear about what is coming up at All Boys. There are also opportunities to ask questions and help the administration understand some depth to the culture at All Boys. This is also a great way to contribute to the great initiatives that the Parent Council is moving forward and contributing to the learning at All Boys.


I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday and I look forward to seeing the Boys again on Tuesday.


Terry Baustad Principal, All Boys Program

Terry Baustad

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Oct. 16 – Non-Instruction Day (No school for students)
Oct. 17 – School Council 6:30pm
Oct. 23 – Picture Day – Golf shirt (formal)
Oct. 23 – Fun Lunch
Oct. 27 – Halloween Dance (6:30 – 8:30pm)
Oct. 31 - Halloween

Nov. 3 – All Boys Non-Instruction Day (No school for students)
Nov. 10 – Remembrance Day Assembly 10:30am
Nov. 16 – P/T/S Conferences5:30 - 8:00 PM
Nov. 17 – P/T/S Conferences 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon (No school for students)
Nov. 20 – Fun Lunch
Nov. 21 – School Council 8:30am
Dec. 8 – Non-Instruction Day (No school for students)
Dec. 15 – School holiday gathering – during school
Dec. 15 – Holiday Craft Night 6:30 – 8:00pm
Dec. 21 – Last of classes prior to winter break


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