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Weekly Update | May 29, 2017

Greetings All Boys Program community


It certainly has been a busy few weeks since I last sent out my message. Our Kindergarten students have since had their first full day of school! They joined the grade 1 class and had a great day together at the Zoo. There the boys continued to investigate growing things, and investigate some of their favourite animals within the habitat that has been created for them. There are so many learning opportunities that can be gleaned from that opportunity. Thanks to all the great volunteers for coming out and helping the boys have a successful day. The grade 2/3’s have since visited Heritage Park as part of their journey across Canada and were able to connect some of their work from the classroom to the environment created at Heritage Park. I also want to thank the many volunteers that helped support the learning that occurred on that trip. Next week we have our grade 6 boys attending their Outdoor School experience and will once again be looking to connect the work they are investigating to their experience out of the school. The work our teachers take on when they decide to take the boys beyond the school walls is intensive and requires significant thought. I want to thank our staff for providing great opportunities for the boys to be making connections to the world beyond our walls.


There are many ways to connect with the world beyond our walls and the grade 3/4 boys had sent out persuasive letters to industry and governmental leaders connected to Alberta’s energy resource sector. The boys took their letters and walked to the mailbox and slipped the letters in the mailbox (Yes – old school letter) with the hope that someone would read them and perhaps respond back. Well, today Ms. Howden and I were privileged to spend some celebration time with the 3/4 students to read letters from some of the industry leaders who responded! The energy in the celebration was outstanding and the pride evident amongst the boys. One of the areas that we have looked at recently is the concept of making our learning visible. These boys took a risk in sending out their thoughts and opinions to industry leaders and were rewarded with responses. I think this is such a critical step to empowering the boys to connect their work to authentic real world issues – congratulations boys! When we ask how we want to impact the boys, this is a critical piece to the work we want to engage in; we want them to see themselves as people that can make a difference no matter how large or small.


Last week we took time to celebrate our volunteers at our volunteer appreciation tea. While many of our volunteers were unable to attend we want you to know that we value your support tremendously. We are so very fortunate to have such a large percentage of our community participate in many ways to support the learning here at the All Boys Program and we thank you for that.


We had a wonderful celebration of learning at our last Trickster performance last Friday. Congratulations to the Kindergarten boys, Grade 1 and 5 / 6 boys for their All Boys Program May, 2017 engagement in the work in such active ways. Thanks to our Parent Society for supporting this year long residency.


Over the next few weeks the staff will be looking to begin the process of helping to write their yearend assessment of the IPP’s of the boys with IPP’s and also look to help with some transition plans for our students as all students will engage in some form of transition next year. Staff will also start the process over the next several weeks of pulling together their final year-end assessment. This is a busy month of learning and we know the end of June will come too soon.


Part of the work we engage in at this time of the year as a staff is to also start some conversations in regards to planning for next year. While we are focussed on having a great end of the year this year we are also excited to engage in conversations with regards to next year. It is my intention to share as much as I can with the community when I can. We will have some staff announcements coming forward in the next couple of weeks as this is a time within the CBE where staff who would like another experience may do so through our internal staffing processes. To continue to help aid in the planning process for next year if you have made a decision to not be back at the All Boys Program for next year I would kindly ask you to please contact Patsy to let her know. Our staff and grade configurations and planning for September is based on our enrolment.


Finally I would like to remind parents that if they would like to send their son to school in shorts with these warmer days – please do so. While we do the best we can to impact the heat within the classrooms, some boys do benefit from being comfortable in wearing shorts. It is still the expectation the boys wear their school uniform shirt as well.


Thanks everyone and Happy June later this week!


Terry Baustad
Principal – All Boys Program


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June 15th – Grade 3/4 Bowl am
June 16th – Fun Lunch
June 16th – Carnival
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June 20th – PAT – Math
June 21st – Aboriginal Day
June 22nd – PAT – Social Studies
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June 27th – Sports Day
June 28th – Grade 6 Celebration
June 29th – Last Day of School for students
June 30th – Appeals


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