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Weekly Update | June 25, 2017

Welcome to the last week of the school year!
It has been quite a year for the boys at the All Boys Program. The end of the year brings us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the year. There is much to celebrate and much to reflect on. When looking at the growth of our Kindergarten students and the work they have undertaken in looking at things that grow it is amazing at how far they have come in the time I have known them. They will make an outstanding grade 1 class next year! Our grade 1’s have created super heroes and have had much time to reflect on their strengths as they have done some reflecting lately – they have unlocked the code to the alphabet and are well on their way to becoming engaging learners. The grade 2/3 students have travelled across Canada and are now taking those skills to understand other communities around the world, namely Peru right now as they wrap up their year. The grade 3/4’s have taken their look at the world and the changes around them through the context of how Alberta uses its resources. A great skill to be able to participate in the conversation that is so important to all of us as we move forward in attempting to solve some very complex issues – congratulations grade 3/4’s! The 5/6’s have had some great moments this year as well in having city hall school and in looking at travelling through the skies to far off places to a great experience at outdoor school for the 6’s and with the amazing work our grade 5’s have done in revitalizing our front flower bed entrance area. There really are many, many more learning moments to share and I want to congratulate the boys on the year they have had.
I want to take a moment and thank the community for the warm welcome I have felt in my transition here as the new Principal. I have learned much about the culture that exists at the All Boys Program that makes it a special and wonderful place to be for the boys. There is much appreciation to be shared with the wonderful parent council that exists here at the All Boys Program. I have discovered a group of parents that truly care about the experience they want to have for all the boys and the lengths to which they support that vision is truly inspirational – thank you!


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June 1st – K-1 Orientation evening 6 -7pm
June 5th – 8th – Grade 6 Outdoor School
June 6th – Grade 3/4 Bowl am
June 8th – Grade 3/4 Bowl am
June 14th – Grade 3/4 Bowl am
June 15th – Grade 3/4 Bowl am
June 16th – Fun Lunch
June 16th – Carnival
June 19th – PAT – Language Arts Part B
June 20th – PAT – Math
June 21st – Aboriginal Day
June 22nd – PAT – Social Studies
June 23rd – PAT – Science
June 27th – Sports Day
June 28th – Grade 6 Celebration
June 29th – Last Day of School for students
June 30th – Appeals
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