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Weekly Update | May 14, 2017

Happy Sunday to the All Boys Community


First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I hope everyone has a great day today with their family and loved ones.


I want to share our appreciation to the Parent Council for their support of the Trickster residency that our 3/4 and 2/3 classes engaged in this past week. With the celebration of learning that occurred on Friday it was awesome to see many of our learners participate in making their learning visible. When one is making their thinking visible one takes a risk that the audience will appreciate the thinking and engage in the process in a safe and caring way. To look at the boys taking risks in their learning by being public with their thinking I believe we are encouraging the boys to be thinkers and to be confident in their learning and take safe risks along the way. The work the 3/4’s displayed and their connections to the seven sacred teachings: Humility (The Wolf), Courage (The Bear) and Respect (The Buffalo) are great examples of the depth of the thinking the boys are exploring. These sacred teachings can become a very powerful way in which to see the world when one is given the opportunity. I think the boys were given that opportunity through their work this past week and prior. The grade 2/3’s are continuing their journey across Canada and took the time to pause in Manitoba and Fort Garry. They are learning much as they travel across Canada and look to deepen their understanding of different communities that exist within our nation and how much depth there is to this nation. Our K’s, Grade 1’s and 5/6’s will be having their last Trickster residency next week and we are already looking forward to the work they will make visible.


We had our first Grade 6 PAT this week and I want to thank the volunteer scribes that came in to support the boys in their writing of the ELA Part A. There are two parts of writing the boys are asked to complete, one is a narrative piece in response to a picture prompt. The second is a newspaper article the boys need to compose from information provided. We will take a look at the responses of the boys this week and share some insights with the boys along with using the data to inform our professional development.


I want to thank Tia Melnechenko and Franklin Templeton Investments for their generous donation of chairs and office furniture to the school. The new staff chairs are greatly appreciated as some of ours were in need of replacement. We are looking at replacing many of the chairs in the school to ones that are lighter and better for the students as well through this generous donation. It is through companies like this that are looking to provide opportunities to re-purpose equipment and supplies that we can ensure that we leverage our financial resources to other areas of need to support student learning, as such we are grateful for opportunities like this.


We are looking forward this week to celebrate the volunteers that make this a great school. Invitations went out on Friday and we ask that you respond to Ms. Howden so we can ensure we have the right space and acknowledgements in place.


Have a great Sunday everyone!
Terry Baustad
Principal – All Boys Program


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May 18th – No Kindergarten students
May 18th – Volunteer Tea PM
May 19th – PD Day (No school for students)
May 22nd – Victoria Day (No school)
May 23rd – 26th – Trickster (K, 1, 5/6)
May 25th - Grade 2/3 – Heritage Park
May 26th – Fun Lunch
May 29th – Foothills Brass Band – 1:30 2:30 Whole school
June 1st – K-1 Orientation evening 6 -7pm
June 5th – 8th – Grade 6 Outdoor School
June 6th – Grade 3Ž4 Bowl am
June 8th – Grade 3Ž4 Bowl am
June 14th – Grade 3Ž4 Bowl am
June 15th – Grade 3Ž4 Bowl am
June 16th – Fun Lunch
June 16th – Carnival
June 19th – PAT – Language Arts Part B
June 20th – PAT – Math
June 21st – Aboriginal Day
June 22nd – PAT – Social Studies
June 23rd – PAT – Science
June 27th – Sports Day
June 28th – Grade 6 Celebration
June 29th – Last Day of School for students
June 30th – Appeals

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