Calgary Board of Education

School Uniforms

School uniforms have become an important part of the culture that has been established through time at the All Boys Program.  Having the boys wear uniforms to school gives the boys a sense of belonging and connectedness immediately as they come to school. The commitment to wearing the uniform is one the boys should be proud of and one that is supported.  Staff this year will be reinforcing the sense of belonging and community with the boys and there will be many references made in relation to the uniforms.  Through feedback from the boys and conversations with parents we have made some adjustments to the uniforms.   The expectation for the boys will be for them to be wearing their uniform every day. Below are some guidelines that we would like to have so we can create that sense of community within the school:

  • Monday – Thursday the boys should wear either their navy school shirt or their long sleeve performance or combination of both
  • Fridays – The boys should wear their “Knight” school shirt
  • Hoodies – Those boys wanting to wear a hoodie need to wear an ABP hoodie
  • Pants – The boys have access to ABP sweatpants and shorts to wear for their pants – the boys are asked to wear either:  ABP shorts / ABP sweatpants / bluejeans / khakis
  • Golf Shirt – The boys will wear their golf shirt on “occasions” we will put out an announcement when this is the case.  The boys will also be expected to wear their golf shirt when they are on field trips.
  • Mandatory items – school t-shirt (Monday-Thursday either long sleeve / navy t-shirt), Friday blue / grey knight shirt, and golf shirt.  The other items are not mandatory; however we will be asking the boys wanting to wear shorts, sweatpants, and hoodies to be wearing ABP attire.

The boys who have ABP attire from previous years are good to continue to wear those items.  Purchase of the new clothing will be done at the school.  The school has the items available immediately and can receive payment by cash / cheque / debit / credit.  Parents needing to make multiple payments can also make arrangements at the school through post-dated cheques.

Monday - Thursday T-shirt (Navy)


Friday - Blue knight shirt (Royal Blue)


Friday - Grey knight shirt (Sport Grey)


Navy Long Sleeve Performance 


Navy Hoodie Top


Navy Sweatpants


Navy Shorts


Golf Shirt