Calgary Board of Education

Principal's Message

Greetings parents and learning community of the All Boys Program,

My name is Terry Baustad and I am excited to introduce myself to the All Boys Program community as the New Principal. 

Knowing, respecting and honouring the individuals that come together within the All Boys Program will enable us to build on the great work that is already happening. This knowledge and the relationships that we will build together enable me to know where to insert my leadership to create conditions for success at school for your son.  I believe strongly that students come first and their success is our goal.  In looking to support your son and his learning through the perspective of a single gender approach I am excited as we look for opportunities to leverage that approach to support a successful experience at school and help him discover a passion for learning.

I bring with me a lens of service to public education here in the Calgary Board of Education. I am proud to say that I have been a teacher with the CBE for 24years.  I have had several roles including Substitute Teacher, Teacher, Learning Leader and Assistant Principal and these varied roles bring varied perspectives. I have been in several CBE schools and have had the privilege to learn from each setting and I know that I will draw upon those experiences as I support your child at the All Boys Program.

It is my intention to communicate frequently with the community. There will be intentional opportunities for us to get to know each other. However, between those formal opportunities if the opportunity arises, please say hi when you see me. I will make myself highly available during that time so please do not hesitate to connect with me then as well.  I look to all of these and other opportunities to have conversations, which will add depth to us knowing each other.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge and thank, Ms. Howden and the staff at the All Boys Program for their tremendous work during the transition and start up for the 2016-17 school year. We are fortunate in the CBE to be able to draw upon outstanding people like Ms. Howden and the staff in times like this.

Yours in learning,

Terry Baustad

Mr. Terry Baustad
Principal, All Boys Program