Calgary Board of Education

Student Financial Assistance

There is a wide-range of financial assistance available to our student population through:

  • The Learner's Benefit for Pregnant and Parenting Teens
  • This specialized funding source is provided by the Ministry of Human Services
  • Funding is accessed and managed on-site at Louise Dean Centre; you may apply when you register for school
  • Funding is designed to help students complete high school
  • Students must maintain strong attendance and be progressing in their studies to maintain this funding.

When a student registers for classes at Louise Dean School, she will be screened to determine if there is financial need and if so, which form of financial assistance meets her specific needs.

Generally speaking, student qualification for funding is dependent on the current family situation, the age, the age of the child, and the current living arrangements. The student will know her qualification status when she comes to the school and completes the registration process.

We know that if the financial needs of a student are met, she will have a much better chance of graduating from high school so that she can pursue her post-secondary career or enter the world of work.

Social workers and school administration work with each student to help provide stable funding that supports school completion.

The Learner’s Benefit is not the only funding avenue that is accessed.