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Welcome to Louise Dean School

Louise Dean School is a specialized Grade 9 – 12 program for pregnant and parenting teens. The comprehensive education program allows students to complete a high school diploma or certificate, while affording them flexible scheduling for maternity leaves, counselling or lifestyle challenges. Learning support is highly personalized to meet academic and emotional needs. The school follows the traditional calendar, but also has a five week site-based summer school program.  Intake is continuous to ensure that all students have immediate access to supports.


Louise Dean School has a formal partnership with Catholic Family Service and Alberta Health Services which guarantees that all students access ‘wrap-around’ supports.  These supports include onsite subsidized childcare for infants, counselling, prenatal care, parenting classes, financial assistance and career counselling.


Balancing the demands of full time school and parenting is a challenge; however students at Louise Dean School learn to work together to move their lives forward. The school is a very safe and caring environment where students are supported to set high personal and family goals. If a student is looking to return to school or is interested in transferring from another school program, please contact the office for additional information or a tour.

Registration for Summer School

We currently have around 70 students set for Summer School classes. A full list of courses is up on the website and registration is simple. Set an appointment with the Admin team and select courses that move you towards graduation.
Louise Dean School is also excited to be offering another year of Discovering Your Opportunities which is a partnership program with the City of Calgary: Youth Employment Office. Fifteen students from Louise Dean School will have the opportunity to gain work experience in the community while earning 6 credits. This is a paid work experience program which is unique to the school.

Registration for September

New student registration will take place all of July and the last 10 days of August. Don’t worry about bringing us a transcript, as we can pull these up very easily from Alberta Education. We will work individually with students to pick courses at your achievement and interest level. If you need time off for a maternity leave, we schedule your courses around this. To set an appointment, please call the school at 403 777 7630. Check the website or our trusty ‘whiteboard’ for a full schedule of events and exam dates.

Upcoming Events

Summer School

July 2nd  –July 31st



17 - Registration begins



1 – Tuesday First day of School
Welcome back with a free student lunch
7 – Labor Day – no classes
9 – School Photos
24-Terry Fox school Run
25- PD Day Friday – no classes



9- PD No Classes
12 – Thanksgiving Day Monday – no classes
16 – Picture Day
21 – Career Fair morning
29 Family Fun Halloween Party after school
30 - No classes



9 – Term 2 starts
10– Remembrance Day Assembly 10:45
11 – Remembrance Day –No Classes
19 – Picture retakes in the morning
Report Cards and Learning Celebration 12:40
20 –Student/ Teacher Conferences– no classe



4– PD Day Friday – no classes
17– Christmas Breakfast/Santa Gifts
17– Last day of classes
Return on
Jan 5 – Winter Break

Donated Items

Students and staff at Louie Dean School would like to thank our community donors. Your support enriches the lives of students. It also allows us provide more comprehensive lifestyle supports for both the babies and the mothers. Without your support and the support of our partners, Catholic Family Service, Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Department of Human Services, it would be impossible to provide the wrap-around supports that lead to high school completion. For additional information on items that are always in short supply, please contact Rita or Allison at 403 777 7630.

All donations are directly accepted by the school with the exception of used clothing and childcare products. We simply do not have the space to store these items.  We collaborate with and other charities to support our students. We ask that you please be in touch with them if you have donations.


To register at Louise Dean School, please call Candice at 403-777 7630.





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