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The doors to Louise Dean School are never closed.

We accept registrations throughout the school year and work to ensure that all students are placed in classes that lead to success. Some of our students are direct transfers from other schools, while others have been out of school for a length of time. Registration is also open to students who are not able to complete all of their high school before they ‘age out’. Registration is open to any young woman provided she was not 20 years or older before September 1st, 2016.

If you are over age 20, we will work with you to explore other school or career options.

To make an registration appointment or for additional information, please contact the school at 403 777 7630.

Registration is ongoing…anytime is the right time.

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Summer School Registration

How can you earn an additional seven credits and still have a month long holiday?

The answer is easy…Louise Dean Summer School.

For those students who would benefit from Work Experience, Discovering Your Opportunities may be the program for you. DYO is a paid work experience program that is offered in collaboration with the City of Calgary: Youth Employment Centre and Catholic Family Service.

The learning days are long and absences can lead to withdrawing from a course, as it is too difficult to catch up in a short period of time. Most students who register are highly successful and they all report a sense of achievement when they achieve so many credits in a short period of time.

The big bonus is that students still have a month of holiday time and this will be with PAY! Learner’s Bursary will provide students with one month of rest-and-recovery time after successfully completing their summer learning program.

Not currently registered at Louise Dean School? Not a problem…the school accepts outside registrations from any young woman who is pregnant or parenting. Summer is a wonderful time to give school a second chance.