Calgary Board of Education

Summer School Program

Welcome to 2017 Summer School at Louise Dean School

July 3 - July 28, 2016
Monday – Friday
8:45 am - 3:35 pm

New students are welcome!  Summer School is a great opportunity to give a new high school a chance. If you are pregnant or parenting and age 19 or under, you are eligible to attend.  The school has onsite childcare for children less than 18 months of age.

Please call 403-777-7630 to register.

95% attendance is required to be successful in summer school


The unique summer school program at Louise Dean School offers:

Math | CALM | Physical Ed | B-Fit | Photography | Information Processing l Work Experience

  • on-site childcare at our three accredited Learning Centres; students are eligible for childcare subsidy
  • onsite counselling and lifestyle support through our partner agency Catholic Family Service
  • onsite support from a Best Beginning nurse for issues related to pregnancy and infant care
  • support for needs related to housing, food and general and financial security
  • pregnant or parenting students can access the Learner Benefit  which is the provincial government support program specialized funding for pregnant and parenting teens; students must sign up in advance and guarantee excellent attendance
  • if you attend full-time in July then you can be eligible for a full Learner Benefit payment in August
  • a free breakfast and subsidized hot lunch program
  • high quality learning opportunities supported by low teacher: student ratios
  • earn seven high school credits in one month of full days

Who is eligible to attend?

  • New registrations are welcome for Summer School, but we ask that you please try to register by early June so that timetables are secured.  New registrants may be currently registered with the CBE or come in as a new CBE registration.
  • If you are currently registered at Louise Dean School or are registered for the fall, you are welcome to register for courses.
  • If you are on the Learner Benefit, two courses are required to receive funding.  This means, one 5 credit course in the morning and a two or three  credit class in the afternoon
  • Pregnant or parenting teens are welcome to apply in person by setting a meeting with a member of the admin team (403-777-7630).

Will I be successful in summer school?

  • Attendance: This program is offered over 20 days, so each day is like five days during the school year! Missing a day of summer school is like missing a week of school.
  • Good use of class time: Keep up with your homework. Our teachers are here to support student achievement and they will ensure that you have a personalized work schedule in place.

Attendance!  Attendance! Attendance! If you get behind in your classes, there is simply no time to recover.
90% attendance is required to pass these courses so please have back-up childcare in place.
What courses will be offered? 
Final determination of courses will be made in June and will be based on students’ learning needs. Currently, student high school completion needs focus on Math, PE, DYO (paid Work Experience) and afternoon options.

  • Morning classes from 8:45 – 12:10 | Math10-3 |20-2, |20-3 | Phys. Ed. 10/20/30.  These are all 5-credit courses.
  • Afternoon classes from 12:40 – 3:35 | CALM | B-Fit| Information Processing I Photography.  These courses will be offered for 3-credits.
  • DYO: Collaborative work experience program offered by the Calgary Board of Education, the City of Calgary and Catholic Family Service. This paid Work Experience program is based on six credits and is a combination of onsite learning and off-site work.  Work placements are found for the students. This program is limited to 15 students and an interview is required.

What are the total costs of Summer School?

  • Financial need is always considered and if assistance is required, we will work to support you.  Bus tickets are also available to support attendance.
  • Learner Bursary students, course fees are covered.
  • To cover the cost of all of the community field trips, the PE fee is $200, gym strip included
  • B-Fit costs are $100; gym strip included
  • No student is refused entry based on financial need.

Why does Discovering Your Opportunities (DYO) pay students to attend?

DYO is a partnership program between the Calgary Board of Education, The Youth Employment Centre – City of Calgary and Catholic Family Service. All students benefit from work experience as this builds your resume and teaches you lifelong skills.

All students are paid the minimum wage for hours in class, as well as for hours working in the community.  If you are pregnant or parenting, it is very challenging to find entry level work that matches your physical and childcare needs. The DYO program also recognizes that many students have higher lifestyle costs related to caring for a child and financial support is essential.

The pay that students receive while in the DYO program is basically the same as being on Learner Benefit. The school ensures that no student takes a ‘cut-in-pay’ for joining in this learning experience.  Students who are on Learner Benefit are paid LB for the month of August.

Students will earn six credits based on two units of classroom learning and close to 100 hours of work in the community. Students who apply for this program will be interviewed and notified of acceptance by the beginning of June. This year, we anticipate that 15 students will be accepted. All students will be provided with a bus pass and free breakfast.  Childcare is also available and assistance will be provided to students who need to apply for the Childcare Subsidy.

Pregnant or parenting students who are not currently registered at Louise Dean School are eligible to apply for this Program.

Past work placements have included coffee shops, flower stores, law offices, extended care facilities, pet stores, tattoo studios, hair salons and office positions.  We are open to finding jobs that really interest our students.

How do I know if I qualify for Learner Benefit funding?

  • Contact the Office at 403-777-7360 and ask to set up an information gathering appointment.
  • Students who receive the Learner Benefit must demonstrate a strong commitment to their education, as this funding will cover your basic expenses.
  • You are a good candidate if your attendance is above 80%, you are working to pass all of your courses and you are moving your life forward towards graduation and post-secondary training.
  • If you have been out of school for a length of time and will not be able to earn 100 graduating credits before you ‘age-out’, you are still eligible for the Learner Benefit.
  • Learner Benefit pays students for both July and August if they attend the Louise Dean Summer School.

Louise Dean Summer School…

  • 20 days of school
  • Earn 6 to 8 credits!
  • Stay connected with friends and teachers
  • Great childcare
  • Finances in place…for both July and August