Calgary Board of Education

About Our School

The Action Program focuses on treating addiction, while maintaining or rebuilding youth connections to education.

The Program begins with an AHS counsellor’s referral to the Action Program. The young person and their family must agree to the treatment choice. Once this referral is in place, a student and family typically tour the facility and meet with the teacher. The teacher works with the student and family to review school history and set short term learning goals. The school is one classroom in the building; however the teacher is an integral player in the service delivery team. Students moved seamlessly between class and the broader AHS facility.

The time that the student is actually in the classroom will vary based on the length of time in program. Some students start on a part-time basis, while others start out full time. A day at AADAC always means time in counselling, time in the classroom and time in recreation. Students share breakfast and lunch together and the mood at the Centre is almost always very upbeat.

The length of time that a student chooses to stay in the Program will vary; however the maximum stay is generally three months. Well in advance of leaving, the teacher works with the student and family to set transition plans.  This plan may be a return to a Calgary Board of Education school or another school board.  It may also involve assisting the student in finding employment. Students may choose to return to their home school or they may choose a fresh start in an alternate location. Dependent on the time of year, high school students may choose to wait until a term or semester break to return.  Junior high students tend to move between schools at any time of the year.

School Mission

The Centre offers a multi-dimensional program for adolescents whose involvement with alcohol or drugs has resulted in serious life disruption.

School Motto

'Get Into It!' Overcoming addiction is a day-by-day process that requires the addict's commitment to change.