Calgary Board of Education

For Parents

Parent letter: Independent student status (PDF)

AADAC Youth Services is operated by Alberta Health Services. The Calgary Board of Education works in partnership with AHS to ensure that youth in treatment have access to education that supports their reintegration into school or work.

The treatment program is personalized to meet the needs of the youth and their supports. Including in the supports are individual counselling, group counselling, family support on-site or in the home, referrals to outside agencies as required, recreation and education.  As an AHS service, there are no fees for these services.

How do I register my child at the AADAC School?

Although the AADAC School is a CBE school, students do not need to be currently enrolled with the CBE. Registration in school will be attended to at the time that your child is accepted into the ACTION Program and students are accepted from all jurisdictions.  Intake to the program is generally done on a weekly basis.

At the time of registration, teachers review the student’s transcripts and they actively work with the student to select a short term program of studies that is engaging.  This may include continuing with work from a previous school or commencing new work.  With the short time frame available for learning and the reduced learning hours each day, students cannot maintain a full school course load.

What courses will my child take at school?

The courses that your child takes at school are highly dependent on their choice.

AADAC School has access to junior and senior high school curriculum, with student access being through Bright Spaces, CBe-learn or direct instruction. Teachers are able to arrange access to a number of Career and Technology courses that they have developed to support short term learning opportunities.  Art is integrated into the program of studies and also offered through residencies. Physical education or outdoor education occurs on a daily basis. The Centre has a large gym and a van for transportation to community sites.

The AADAC School also links with the home school as required.  Teachers may receive assignments from their school to keep learning on track and to facilitate a smooth return.  It is always important to remember that school is not full time, as treatment is the priority.

Does my child always stay linked with the Home School?

In collaboration with the student, parents and CBE specialists, a decision is made as to which school the student will return to upon completion of the program. Decisions are made collaboratively and the focus is the best interest of the child.

How do I keep in contact with the AADAC teacher?

Teachers ask that you please contact the Centre at 403 297 4664 and request the school. Teachers will be happy

to meet with parents before or after regular hours of instruction.  Due to the brevity of the program, report cards are not issued.

For further information check out  or contact the principal at 403 777 7630.