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Pi Contest Winner

Our Pi contest was arranged by our substitute teacher, Caprice Rosentreter. The challenge was to memorize as many digits of pi as possible.  On pi day (Mar 14th) students used homeroom time to recite the digits in front of their class. The top student in each homeroom won points for their house – equivalent to the number of digits they were able to recite.  Fox House (green) earned 937 points – and they didn’t even have Justin to help them – he’s in Rowling (orange) - which earned a total of 674.  Gandhi (blue) was in third with 658, and Da Vinci (red) earned only 269 points.  If you look at the totals, you realize what a large contribution Justin made for his house!


Red 269

Blue 658

Green 937

Orange 674


Elaine presented Justin with a Purdy’s Gift Card and later this year he will be presented with a lapel pin – acknowledging that he is house champion in a Math Contest.



Jordan Witzel visits Balmoral School as Part of Weather School

Meteorologist Jordan Witzel visited Grade 5 students at Balmoral School on Tuesday for Global Calgary Weather School.

Parent-Teacher Interviews | Mar. 22 & 23, 2017

We do have our next round of Parent Teacher Interviews coming up on March 22nd (3:00pm – 8:00pm) and March 23rd (8:00am-12:00pm). The online booking system will open to parents at 6:00am on March 17th. We ask that, due to the volume of potential interviews, please limit your interviews to one or two teachers. We suggest you prioritize by selecting the classes in which your student requires additional support. Interviews are 10 minutes in length. It is helpful if you prepare your questions in advance. If you require additional time, please contact the teacher directly for time outside of the interview schedule. Do give yourself time to go from one interview to the next as the locations could differ with each teacher. If you are late, the teacher may not be able to meet with you so as to stay on schedule with other parents. Parents who require and interpreter or those for whom teachers would like to set up a group interview will be contacted prior to March 17th.

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Upcoming Events
Mar. 1

$2 Casual for Gr.5,8&9

View “OLIVER” 1:00 pm Evening show 7:00 pm Tickets $10 at the door

Mar. 2 $2 Casual for Gr. 6&7 View “OLIVER” 1:00 pm
Mar. 3 Badminton Tryouts
Mar. 6-10 Used book sale in the library
Mar. 6

Formal Day

Badminton Tryouts

Mar. 7 Badminton Tryouts
Mar. 8 Badminton Tryouts
Mar. 9

Balmoral "Comic Con"

$2 entrance fee

Mar. 12 Daylight Savings - set your clocks 1 hour ahead
Mar 13

Formal Day

Grade 7 ELA Workshop

Mar. 16 Grade 9 poetry workshop
Mar. 17

St. Patrick's Day

Online Parent-Teacher Interview Booking Opens 6 am

Mar. 20 Formal Day
Mar. 22

Gr. 5A to ATCO

Student of the month

Parent/Teacher Interviews 3-8 pm

Online booking closes at 1:30 pm.

Mar. 23

Parent/Teacher Interviews 8 am - 12:00 pm

No School
Mar. 24 CBE Non-Instruction Day - No School
Mar. 27 - 31 Spring Break
Apr. 3 Classes Resume at 10:55 am



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