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Welcome to Balmoral School

Grade 9 Touring Band Wows the Okanagan

Pit stop at The Log Barn in Armstrong, BC


The Band performs for Skaha Lake Middle School in Penticton, BC.


Upcoming Events
1 TeacherLogic opens
6 Spring photos
8 Band dress rehearsals
11 Gr. 9 ELA Part A
Band dress rehearsal.
Band concert 6-8:30 pm
12 Gr. 5&6 jump rope for heart association P.M.
13 Gr. 6 ELA Part A
Pre-qualified students write Gauss math contest

P.D. Day. No School

18 Victoria Day. No School
19 Gr. 9 Concert band Okanagan tour
22 Early dismissal
Parent volunteer naturalization weekend Fri/Sat
25 School Council 7pm
Volunteer appreciation dinner 6:00 pm
28 Student of the month
Dress for Success Winners at Balmoral

Balmoral had a "Dress for Success Day" on February 27th.  This group of students were chosen as best representing themselves successfully for an interview.

Balmoral goes green!


Our energy needs are now being met by our new solar panels.  This is a project that was initiated by the $10,000 BP Energy grant we received in 2010.


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