Calgary Board of Education

School Council

The contact information for council is posted on the school website. Please contact a council member if you have any questions or ideas.

The minutes of all council meetings are posted on the school website for all parents to view.


Council meetings for this year will be generally held on the last Monday of each month.

As always, all parents are welcome to attend meetings to hear from the Principal and to share ideas and provide input.


What is the School Council?

School Council? Parent Council? Home and School Association?
A rose by any other name

Seriously, a school council is not just another school council, designed to fund raise for the school and to provide a forum for volunteers. Certainly, those functions are important parts of parent participation, but a school council is more than that.

A school council is a legislated body, established under the provincial School Act, that gives parents an official, and required, voice in their child's school. The School Act empowers School Councils to work together to promote the well-being and effectiveness of the entire school community and thereby to enhance student learning. Parents and the school community have an opportunity, through the school council, to advise and consult with the principal. Through school councils, Albertans assume an advisory role in education matters ranging from academic programs to school policies and budgeting. A School Council should facilitate communication among all of the concerned participants of a school community so that they may work together, as partners, to create an effective learning environment and enable the students to achieve their potential.