Calgary Board of Education

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TLC?

The Traditional Learning Centre is an alternative program within the Calgary Board of Education, committed to providing an excellent academic program and character education to average and above average students.

Although the Traditional Learning Centre is academically rigorous, it is not reserved for elite students. The program is designed for all students who are motivated to work with teachers and parents to thoroughly develop their ability to achieve excellence in a structured, virtues-oriented environment.

The Traditional Learning Centre advocates:

  • High expectations for academic excellence and character development, which are clearly defined
  • Direct whole group instruction that is sequential and enriched, building on a foundation of knowledge, virtues, critical thinking, and inquiry
  • Structured, orderly, safe and nurturing environment that maximizes student learning
  • Staff committed to continuous learning within a community of learners

What are the hours of operation?

Classes begin for all grades at 8:30 a.m. and finish at 3:20 p.m.

What are the clothing requirements for physical education?

All Balmoral students wear school gym strip for physical education (red Balmoral t-shirt, black shorts, appropriate non-marking running shoes)

What extra-curricular activities are there in the school?

Normally, students at Balmoral can participate in sports activities such as cross country, volleyball, basketball, badminton and track and field, as well as in special interest clubs such as Student Council and other clubs. Students also have the opportunity to participate in specialty jazz band, drama productions outside class time.

How are the lockers assigned to students?

Each student shares a locker with a partner.

Is there a lunchroom at Balmoral?

Yes. Students who wish to do so my purchase their lunches from the school lunchroom, which provides an excellent variety of menu choices at very reasonable prices. Students may also bring their own bagged lunches from home. Lunch hours are divided with grade 7 & 8 students eating for the first half of lunch while the grade 5 & 6 students have recess and then vice versa. Grade 5 & 6 students are not allowed off-campus for lunch. Grade 7 & 8 students are allowed to go off-campus on Fridays so long as parents and children have made this agreement.

Can my child take the bus to school?

Many students are eligible to ride the school bus to Balmoral. Please go to the transportation website for more information.

What fees will we incur if we send our child to Balmoral?

Regular school fees are levied and are comparable with those at other CBE schools.

Is there a “dress code” at Balmoral?

The students are attending an Alternative school within the CBE, and are required to dress in uniforms or appropriate dress for the activities of the school at all times. Mondays and assembly days are considered formal days and students are expected to wear a full formal dress uniform. During the remainder of the week they may choose between a green vest or the navy cardigan. Girls may wear a kilt or navy pants. Boys are not expected to wear ties on non-formal day. No sweat pants or yoga pants. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times. In the summer months a white golf shirt is an appropriate alternative. Please label ALL clothing with your child’s full name, as it is extremely hard to distinguish one kilt, shirt or cardigan from another.

Boys Formal Dress
Grades 5-8
Girls Formal Dress
Grades 5-8
• White dress shirt with collar
• Navy dress pants
• Navy socks
• Navy cardigan
• Tartan Tie
• Black dress shoes – non scuff
• White dress shirt with collar
• Tartan kilt
• Navy socks or green or navy tights
• Navy cardigan
• Black dress shoes – non scuff

Footwear: All students are required to have indoor and outdoor footwear. Please ensure that your child has non-marking running shoes for gym, as well as NO SCUFF black DRESS SHOES for inside footwear. Black running shoes are not acceptable to be worn with the uniform. Students must have 2 pairs of shoes: one pair of black dress shoes and one pair of running shoes for Phys.Ed.

Casual Days: On those days when celebrating something special, students will have the option to wear House t-shirts or casual clothing. These dates will be announced in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: Questionable slogans on shirts, torn clothing, or high heel shoes as a fashion statement are not acceptable. Hats and sunglasses are not to be worn inside the school.

How does a student apply to attend Balmoral School?

Application forms and procedure are available on line on the CBE website.