Calgary Board of Education

Contest Winners

Geography Challenge Winner Michael G.

These are spelling bee winners from Balmoral.  Three of our students will be competing in the city-wide competition this weekend.

Newton Winner | Harry H.

Pascal Winner | Dong Dong L.

Euler Winner | Stephanie H.

Fibonacci Math Contest Medal Winner Paul W

Gauss 8 Top 5 Roger Z and Alyzen J see other photo for 3 way tie for first place

Gauss Gr 7 Top FIve Irene J and Jay Y

Gauss Gr 7 Top Five Paul W and Noa R

Pythagoras Contest Winners Zeeshan C Manpreet J Hemat W Kaylie C

Lagrange Winners Kevin Z and Dong Dong L

Stephanie H. Polar Expressions Short Story First Place

Raziq D Polar Expressions Short Story third place