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Physical Education/Health Programs

  • At John Ware, we believe that a healthy and active lifestyle is an essential component in the development of an educated student. The John Ware Daily Physical Education Program will provide a variety of activities and sports which will contribute to the physical, mental and social well-being of our students. The goal of Daily Physical Activity (DPA) is to increase students' physical activity levels. DPA is based on the belief that healthy students are better able to learn and that school communities provide supportive environments for students to develop positive habits needed for a healthy, active lifestyle.
    We hope that our students will have both a satisfying and successful experience and that they will develop a desire to participate in physical activity for a lifetime.

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Mondays & Wednesdays & Fridays - Module Program

  • On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the PE team will offer a module program. This program provides a variety of choice regarding physical activities and sports. Modules are units of specific activity that last for 4 to 6 classes.It is our intention that the various activities and program planning will meet the needs of all students, regardless of gender or athletic ability. Students sign up for modules at the beginning of the school year and then again in late December. For more details check out our Physical Education Module Schedule (Se 28 2017). Please note: This schedule is subject to change depending on facility availability and environmental (weather) factors.

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Tuesday's and Thursdays - FITLOG & Health Classes
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are dedicated to our focus on fitness. These “FITLOG” days work on developing each individual student’s level of fitness through a variety of activities such as: cardiovascular fitness through circuit training, a 20-minute run; interval running, stretching, log organized games (LOG), dance, and fitness testing. The goal is for all students to reach their personal fitness potential over the course of their time at John Ware.

  • Three principal areas of focus comprise the Health and Life Skills part of the Physcial Education program at John Ware. Wellness Choices ensures that students make responsible and informed choices to maintain health and to promote safety for self and others. Relationship Choices ensure that students will develop effective interpersonal skills that demonstrate responsibility, respect and caring in order to establish and maintain healthy interactions.  Life Learning Choices ensure that students will use resources effectively to manage and explore life roles and career opportunities and challenges. Most of these aspects of health will be taught in PE classes. Human Sexuality is also part of the Health curriculum in grade 7, 8 and 9. These classes will be taught by the FITLOG teacher and will take place in a classroom environment. Information about this part of the Health curriculum will come home to parents before those classes begin. Parents may choose to exempt their child from that aspect of the curriculum, if they so choose. In that case, their child would work on a project on a different part of the Health curriculum during that time and would be in a separate area from their class during that time.

  • Given the depth and complexity of our program, it is likely that your child will have several Physical Education teachers. If you have any questions at any time or wish to schedule an appointment at interview time, you should contact your child’s FITLOG teacher (your child will know who that is by mid-September. You may also contact the PE Learning Leader at any time if you have questions or concerns: Tyler Gordon

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Expectations - Be On Time

  • Be On Time

    When the bell rings, students are expected to change into their gym strip and then report to their assigned area as shown on the posted PE schedule within 3 to 5 minutes of the start of class. Students will be given 3 to 5 minutes at the end of the period to change out of their PE Clothing. They will then head to their next class.

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Changing For PE

  • It is our expectation that all students will wear gym strip each day for PE (John Ware t-shirt and shorts). This expectation is in place for two reasons: for hygenic reasons when participating in PE and for student identification while participating at the Southland Leisure Centre. Students also require running shoes for P.E. class. Gym strip will be available for pickup by students during PE class. Payment is best given directly to PE teachers, but will also be taken by office staff and homeroom teachers. It is highly recommended that students label their gym strip with first name and last name. There is now a place on the gym strip to do so. Students are expected to consistently lock their possessions in their PE lockers in the change room. Any students who have difficulty in covering the cost of John Ware t-shirt and shorts are to see Mr. Gordon who will ensure that they receive some.

    If a student is not prepared with gym strip for the day they will have the opportunity to borrow “PE Loaner” gym strip.  A student must approach one of their PE teachers and ask to borrow it at the beginning of class.  The student needs to bring a valuable to exchange (i.e. backpack, watch, binder, etc.).  Once the student returns the borrowed gym strip at the end of class they will receive their valuable back.  The PE Loaner gym strip is intended to be a short term solution to not having their gym strip.  If a student has permanently lost/misplaced their gym strip then they are responsible to replace it with John Ware gym strip.  Again if students have difficulty in covering the cost see Mr. Gordon who will ensure the receive replacement gym strip.

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PE Locker

  • Students will be provided with their own PE locker and lock. Students are responsible for ensuring that their locker is locked at all times. John Ware school staff are not responsible for lost clothing and/or locks. Students are instructed not to share their lock combination with any other student. Lost locks must be replaced by the student at a cost of $6.00.

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Injury / Illness

  • Participation in physical activity provides individuals with many health benefits.  One of our Physical Education goals is to help students recognize the importance of regular exercise in their lives and to encourage daily participation in physical activity.  We hope that participation becomes a lifetime habit for our students.

    It is our belief that students who are well enough to be at school are generally well enough to participate in Physical Education activities. 
    In circumstances where a student has an illness or minor injury (common cold, sore throat, stomach ache, bruised muscle, sore muscles from strenuous activity, etc.) that reduces their ability to participate, we request that a note from the parent/guardian explaining the nature of the ailment.
    If a student has an ailment that is more serious, a note from a parent/ guardian will excuse a student from class participation for a maximum of 3 days (a note is valid for one day unless otherwise stated in the note). 
    If the injury/condition is likely to affect involvement in 4 or more successive P.E. classes then a doctor’s or physiotherapist’s note will normally be required, specifying range of dates affected.
    Students should always ensure that they give their note to the teacher that they have THAT day for PE.

    Upon return to activity for the student, the Physical Education department may require instructions from the student’s doctor and/or physiotherapist on how to modify their activity until the student can fully participate.
    In all cases of injury or illness, students will participate in modified activities that we will adjust to their condition, unless all forms of activity are expressly forbidden by a doctor (e.g. concussion).

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Physical Education Staff:

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Over the course of the year, students will be assessed in both PE outcomes and Health Outcomes. These have been organized into rubrics that the PE teachers will use as they progress with the students through the year. The outcomes for each subject are as follows:

PE Outcomes

  • Performs and refines movement skills
  • Cooperates to demonstrate fair play and teamwork
  • Explores strategies for living a healthy, active life

Health Outcomes

  • Makes safe and healthy choices based on experience and information
  • Develops skills to form and maintain healthy relationships
  • Explores roles and responsibilities to work toward life and learning goals

The PE team will be working with a series of rubrics to assess students throughout the year. For more information on these rubrics, see the link to these rubrics below.

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Leapster Awards:

  • Each month, students from each grade will be recognized for their outstanding leadership, followership, effort, attitude, and participation in Physical Education. These special recognitions are called, Leapster Awards. Winners of these awards will receive a certificate and water bottle during PE class and will have their names posted on the PE bulletin board.

  • PE Positive Characteristics
  • PE Followership
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Interscholastic Teams & Schedules

Please read the chart below for school team opportunities, seasons and teacher contacts. For further information about team tryouts, practices and games for each sport, please refer to the Physical Education D2L homepage. All students are part of the PE D2L shell.”









Grade 7 boys
Grade 7 girls
Grade 8 boys
Grade 8 girls
Grade 9 boys
Grade 9 girls





One team girls (gr 7, 8, 9)
One team boys (gr 7, 8, 9)





September – November

Junior girls (gr 7 & 8)
Junior boys (gr 7 & 8)
Senior girls (gr 8 & 9)
Senior boys (gr 8 & 9)





January - March

Junior Girls (gr 7 & 8)
Junior Boys (gr 7 & 8)
Senior Girls (gr 9)
Senior Boys (gr 9)
Development Team

Chow/ Potter
Willoughby/Bechthold Birss/Johnstone





Novice (gr 7)
Junior (gr 8)
Senior (gr 9)

Campbell/P. Mouland



Track & Field




All grades on each team
High Jump-Gordon/Willoughby
Long Jump-Birss
Sprints & Relay-Evans/Dymond/Olesen
Long Distance-Powter
Shot Put-Chow



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