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Please join us as this is an excellent opportunity to hear what is happening at the school and for you to provide feedback and input.

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We are very fortunate at Langevin School to have such an involved group of parents who focus on making public education work.

Langevin School Council

Mission | The purpose of the Langevin School Council is to support and enhance the learning and performance of all students enrolled at Langevin School. The parents of Langevin School will support the mandates of the Science Alternative Program, the ACCESS III Program and the Mandarin Bilingual Program encouraging our student's inquiring minds, creativity, exploration, and field studies by being active partners in our children’s learning.

Vision | We envision that all our learners will be successful in this unique learning environment as a result of our active participation in their learning and personal growth, both in the school and as responsible citizens of the world around us.

Membership | Open to all parents, legal guardians or extended family members of a student at Langevin School, all staff of Langevin School and any interested community member.

Description of School Council Positions | Please see Appendix I of the School Council operating procedures for a description of the executive positions.

Langevin Parent Society

Objective | To create a fundraising body and build community for Langevin School.

Membership | Open to all parents, legal guardians or extended family members of a student in attendance or registered for attendance at Langevin School .

Description of Parent Society Positions | Please refer to the Langevin Parent Society bylaws for a description of the executive positions.

Meeting Dates

You are welcome and encouraged to participate in the School Council and Parent Society. Please come to our meetings the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM in the school library. (No meeting December or June).

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